Would You Pay $24.99 For a Box of Keto Pop-Tarts? |

Keto Pop-Tarts are the latest diet craze, and while many people swear by the high-fat and low-carb treats, others aren’t so sure. For example, would you pay $24.99 for a box of Keto Pop-Tarts? How about $5.75 for a pack of classic buttery Pop-Tarts? We’d like to know what you think.

According to Fat Head’s website, their sticks taste “like a warm, buttery waffle, with the texture of a buttery waffle”, and “contain zero grams of sugar and zero grams of net carbs.” They’re also gluten-free, and have less carbs than most other breakfast cereals. So, would you pay $24.99 for a box of these sticks?

Now you can buy keto enriched pop tarts!

If you’re tired of eating eggs for breakfast and want a delicious keto pastry, we’ve got you covered, but keep in mind that it won’t be cheap – $24.99 for a box of 10, to be exact (actually, a little less with our exclusive promo code listed at the bottom of this post).

We recently tried Legendary Foods’ delicious new low-carb bakes.

Legendary Foods Tasty Pastry comes in two flavors – brown sugar and strawberry!

Applause for this quick and easy breakfast or snack idea!

Delicious strawberry candy

Nutrition: Serving 1 Brownie 170 calories 13 grams fat 21 grams total carbohydrates 8 grams fiber 5 grams Erythritol 4 grams Allulose 4 grams Net carbs 9 grams Protein

Delicious brown sugar and cinnamon baking

Nutrition: Serving 1 brownie 170 calories 13 g fat 21 g carbohydrate 8 g fiber 6 g erythritol 4 g allulose 3 g net carbs 9 g protein

We understand that many people consider these pastries to be gross for the keto diet. Keep this in mind when you decide to add them to your meals or snacks.

Here’s what Legendary Foods has to say about its Tasty Pastry products:

You have no idea how difficult this task is.

Make the product you ate as a child without the things you made it with, namely carbs and sugar. For all the health benefits and great taste, eliminate blood sugar spikes and make our version of a real milk food that supports your nutritional goals.

It’s crazy, we know.

But, like you, we missed the sandwiches. And Saturday morning cartoons.

So we got to work in the kitchen. For years. Our first attempts were so disappointing that we doubted our ability. It may not be possible. After all, that’s like saying we want to build an igloo without snow and ice. Hell, toasters are carbs and sugar.

But it’s amazing what thousands of experiences, conversations with experts and stubborn adherence to a fiery vision can do.

We finally did it. Where before kibble was diabetes-causing carbohydrates and sugars, now there was a tightened form of protein, fat and fiber.

And about taste.

Baking has been back in our lives for months. And now they can be in yours.

Undecided? Here’s what Collin and Stetson of Legendary Foods Tasty Pastry think…..

Pop Tarts Keto? ! YES! It’s a treat for any occasion. I liked them – but remember that they don’t taste like a typical low-carb pop tart, but they still taste good because they are low-carb. I think they taste better if you put them in the microwave or toaster for a few seconds. My favorite flavor is cinnamon! – hill

If you are a keto person and have a sweet tooth, you must try these brownies! Although you can tell the difference between a regular Pop-Tart and a Legendary Foods Tasty Pastry, they still taste great, especially for a low-carb product. I like that it’s not too sweet and doesn’t have a weird aftertaste like many keto products. – Stetson

Are you ready to try them for yourself?

We have an exclusive discount just for you! Head over to Legendary Foods and use promo code HIP2KETO at checkout to save an extra 10% on your purchase!

Pack of 10 yummy pastries $24.99
Use promo code HIP2KETO (10% off)
Final price $22.50 for all 10 – $2.25 each!

Here are the 10 best keto desserts to buy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pop Tarts illegal?

No, Pop Tarts are not illegal.

How much are Pop Tarts?

A box of Pop Tarts costs $2.99.

Why are Pop Tarts bad for you?

The ingredients in Pop Tarts are not healthy. They contain high levels of sugar, trans fats, and sodium.

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