Even when all is known, a person’s sustenance is not complete, for food alone is not enough to satisfy, physical activity is also required. Indeed, nutrition and exercise have opposing properties, but work together to produce health. Hippocrates

We all think that reducing calories is the most logical way to lose weight. Eat less and the weight should come off, right? Frankly, no. You have to live consciously to become happier, healthier and lighter.  If you cut back on calories enough, chances are you’ll lose some weight.  But when you limit your food intake, you also limit your intake of valuable nutrients. It is the nutrition that your body needs to function optimally. Additionally, cutting out food can have other negative effects on your efforts to lose excess weight.  When your body is hungry for nutrients, chances are it will store the nutrients you give it as fat for later use. Stopping eating can also take a toll on your blood sugar, which can lead to diabetes, and the truth is, it’s not really feasible for a while. When you return to a normal eating pattern, the weight usually comes back as well.

Penne salad with peas, radicchio and parmesan

So, what is the solution to successful weight loss?

The answer to long-term sustainable weight loss lies in a balance between a sensible, healthy diet and a fitness program that helps you on all fronts. The body needs to move as much as it needs to, and the nutrients we give our bodies enable it to move as much as we do.  Getting and staying active is an important step in weight loss.  Unfortunately, many people think exercise is work.  Conscious exercise can even be a stimulating way to relieve stress, increase overall energy levels and speed up metabolism for optimal performance. This is the balance I’m talking about when I talk about intelligent life.  Intelligent life embodies the idea of every thought, action, idea and reaction being consciously realized. What we eat is just the beginning. I’ve written about mindful eating before and you can check out that article here. We need to think about our minds and our bodies and do what is best for our daily lives in every decision we make.

Training wisely

Exercising doesn’t have to be very stressful.  Pushing the normal limits of your body is helpful, but you don’t have to bench press.  Cleaning the house is good exercise, planting the garden is good exercise, walking around the neighborhood is good exercise.  It’s about moving mentally. Think about what you’re going to do, and think about how you can push it a little further. If it normally takes four hours to clean your home, the solution may be to try to do it in two and a half hours.  If you’ve never planted a garden, know that it’s a great way to spend time outside and can help you lose a lot of weight.  If you like walking through the neighborhood, increase the pace a little or walk a little farther than usual.

frequently asked questions

What are the side effects of too low a food intake?


Why is the diet unhealthy?

∗ Dieting can be dangerous: Jojo diets (repeated cycles of gaining, losing and recovering) have been shown to have negative health effects, including increased risk of heart disease, long-term negative effects on metabolism, etc. Dieting starves your body.

Can eating too little lead to weight gain?

You eat too little or skip meals While overeating is the most obvious cause of weight gain, eating too little can also prevent you from losing weight.

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