What Does A Gac Fruit Taste Like?

The gacao fruit is a small melon that is rich in lycopene and beta-carotene. It’s unlikely you’ll ever meet him if you live outside Asia. So if you want to know the taste of gakfruit, read on. We have all the details about the taste, texture and use in the kitchen.

How does the fruit taste?

The Gacao fruit has a mild, slightly sweet taste with a hint of molasses. It has a subtle and refreshing aroma reminiscent of pumpkin or cucumber. The texture of the fruit is smooth and creamy, like that of an avocado. Once cooked, it takes on a more dominant, tomato-like flavor due to its high lycopene content.

Many popular tropical fruits, such as bananas or mangoes, have easily accessible pulp. Tackling fruit is a much bigger issue. Their bright red flesh surrounds the large seeds, and the separation between them is messy and annoying. It is easier to scrape the seeds by hand, but it can take half an hour to prepare a small bowl of fruit.

There is also a ½ inch layer of bright orange spongy flesh called mesocarp. It’s under the skin, around the arils. This part of the fruit is edible, but is usually discarded.

Although the seeds are not poisonous, in most cases they are removed without food. Because of their health benefits, they are increasingly used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Are the fruits of the Gac worth your money?

Snack fruit is not an ingredient that most people would buy for a fresh fruit snack. While it does not have an unpleasant sour, bitter or pungent taste, it does not have the qualities that many people look for in a fruit. For example, there is very little sugar, flavor or juice and it is difficult to get to the flesh.

Even if you don’t like eating any of these fruits by hand, they still have their place in the kitchen. Gax is an essential ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine and plays an important role in the preparation of xôi gấc. This dish uses fruit to give the sticky rice a red hue. An impressive dish for weddings or other special occasions like the Vietnamese New Year.

Did you know that? Red is associated with happiness in Vietnam.

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Other applications for fruit containers


Fruit can be mixed with tomato sauce or pasta to create a pizza sauce or pasta that offers additional health benefits. The slightly sweet and mild taste guarantees that your next Italian dish will not taste unpleasant.


In countries like Sri Lanka, it is used for spicy applications. Adding the flesh to the curry and then slow cooking brings out the delicious flavor and natural color of the tomato.


Used in desserts such as cakes to add color. In Thailand, it is usually served with ice.


Fruits can be dried and ground into powder and added to beverages such as tea and coffee or smoothies. It can also be sprinkled on food, for example. B. Salads, especially for dieting.


The delicate flavor and unique color of the Haqa fruit also makes it useful for making juice. This fruit goes well with other ingredients, and street vendors in Asia usually mix it with other, sweeter and tastier fruit before selling it.

Gac mixes well with other tropical fruits.

As gac

To open the deodorant, cut the fruit in half with a sharp knife. Inside you’ll find colorful arrows that you can pick up with your spoon or fingers. The pulp can then be scraped from the seeds and used in sweet and savory products.


Gack is considered a superfruit and, like other red or orange fruits, is full of antioxidants and other nutrients.

The meat is rich in carotenoids such as beta-carotene and lycopene. The lycopene content of the gac is 70 times higher than that of the tomato.

The fruit is also rich in fatty acids, vitamin C, fiber and zeaxanthin.

Where can you buy a GAC?

Because the fruit is soft and easily damaged, it is not ideal for transport over long distances. You are unlikely to find them fresh outside of Southeast Asia and a few other tropical regions of the world.

It is best to taste these fruits when traveling to countries like Vietnam or Thailand. You can also try Miami Fruit or other similar online fruit delivery companies if you live in the United States – they have an excellent delivery service that delivers to most parts of the country.

Summary information on nuts

  • This fruit also has other names, such as baby jacquard, quá guc, sweet pumpkin, bitter hot pumpkin and cochin pumpkin.
  • Their sugar content is relatively low, somewhere between lemon and strawberry.
  • The fruit grows on dioecious vines, which are often located on the beams of houses in warm climates.
  • The gaca fruit is also called gaca; its botanical name is Momordica cochinchinensis and it belongs to the cucurbit family (melons).
  • It reaches the size of a small melon, begins to turn green and turns into a bright orange skin that stings.
  • The fruit harvest is limited and lasts for two months, December and January.


The fruit grows throughout Southeast Asia and is popular in Vietnam, more for its color and health benefits than for its taste.

It contains a soft and slightly sweet flesh that is unlikely to please those looking for a new favorite tropical fruit. Still, it has its uses in cooking, most notably xôi gấc, a popular Vietnamese dish.

We encourage you to try this fruit if you are interested, but don’t expect too much. Our tasting experience with Gac was good, but nothing to write home about.

Are you planning to grow deer at home or have you found the fruit for sale at a market or restaurant? Let us know in the comments below.

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