We LOVE Enlightened Keto Ice Cream & You Can Get it at Walmart!

Many people associate Keto with a negative side effect: weight loss. Here at Enlightened Keto, we’re here to say that Keto doesn’t have to be a punishment!

Ice cream in all forms is very popular. We love chocolate, mint, and vanilla, but we also love the new trend of healthy ice cream. The problem is, eating healthy is a lot of work. So, we turned to Enlightened Keto to create a delicious, healthy ice cream that tasted like the real thing, but was made with healthy ingredients. It’s called Enlightened Keto Ice Cream & You Can Get it at Walmart!

Oh, illuminated ice, how we love you!

No matter how much time you put into the keto lifestyle, the occasional craving for sugar can still be fatal. You may feel doomed for life as you stare longingly at the ice cream aisles, but we have good news for you, dear keto lovers: Enlightened ice cream has all the delicious, creamy flavors of regular ice cream, but without the carbs and sugar!

The best part? It’s easy to find one near you!

There are lots of keto dessert recipes out there, but sometimes you want something ready-made and hassle-free. And on a warm summer evening, few things compare to ice cream.

Enlightened is our favorite keto ice cream (really, the whole team is addicted)!

You don’t have to look for it in the specialty stores.

That’s right my friends, you can now go to your nearest Walmart and get your own lighted ice cream! So buying keto desserts is a simple process.

Another thing we ❤️ like about Enlightened Ice Cream is that they offer more than just ice cream in pints!

With their variety of flavors, we can practically have a whole shelf of baked goods/cakes/pastries in our freezer, without carbs, bloating or sugar crashes.

Ice cream cake? They did it!

Cookie dough? If you insist!

Peanut butter cookies + brownies? Now they speak my language.

You got it! Enlightened Ice Cream is not only a way to enjoy ice cream, but also a way to enjoy the other delicious desserts we had to leave out when we switched to the keto lifestyle.

Enlightened even has ice cream bars if that’s more your thing!

When you buy a pint of Enlightened ice cream, sometimes you want… Well, all that.  One minute we’re enjoying the second bite, and the next it’s only two bites. Oops. I speak from experience.

Ice cream bars are just as delicious, and while you can eat the whole package, it’s a little harder when each serving is individually wrapped. And ice cream bars are fun for everyone, especially kids.

Caramel + dark chocolate is a tricky combination, but peanut butter + marshmallow is one we didn’t even know we had.

Want to buy this amazing keto ice cream yourself? Just go to Walmart and look at all the options! You’ll find Enlightened ice creams and bars in the ice cream section.

Flavors may vary depending on your local Walmart, but be sure to add the chocolate peanut butter ice cream and the dark chocolate peanut caramel ice cream to your list of must-tries!

Enlightened also sells products like these fruit bars, which aren’t necessarily keto, but are FAR less sugar than regular fruit ice cream. They are a healthier option for those trying to reduce their overall sugar intake.

…that the prices are pretty competitive compared to other regular brands of bone ice cream, like Ben & Jerry’s or Talenti’s. We’re fans of keto desserts, but we’re not fans of spending a lot of money on them. That’s why we appreciate that Enlightened’s prices haven’t gotten out of hand.

You can get ice cream and bars in all flavors for less than $5 a pint or box, which is perfectly acceptable for a casual treat.

Scoop it up, people!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is enlightened ice cream OK for Keto?

Yes, ice cream is a keto-friendly food.

Is enlightened ice cream actually good for you?

Yes, ice cream is a healthy food.

Will keto ice cream kick you out of ketosis?

No, keto ice cream is not a problem.

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