Upcycling; Recycle that Old Cookware…

You might have a brand new cooking appliance or set of pots and pans, but is it really worth the energy to use them? Recycling old cookware can help reduce waste in landfills while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Upcycling is a process of transforming something that may be considered useless or unwanted into a new, useful product. This can include recycling old pots and pans, which you can use to make new dishes. Read more in detail here: what to do with old pots and pans.

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We’ve been hearing a lot about new recycling ideas, particularly for stuff around the kitchen. Repurposing was a term used to describe a kind of recycling that is now more often recognized as ‘upcycling.’ When it comes to your old home cookware, here’s how to recycle it after you’ve upgraded to new kitchenware.

What Is Upcycling, Exactly?

Pay It Forward movie Poster

There was a movie that had a great message that everyone could comprehend, much like that old blockbuster smash from decades ago. “Pay It Forward” was the title of the film, and it starred that small A.I. youngster with that terrible politician actor who also portrayed Frank Underwood in the House of Cards series. Yes, this is the film that gave birth to the concept of upcycling. It’s essentially the same concept, only instead of doing something for yourself, you do something for someone else.

As a result, the Pay It Forward concept requires three other ideas for improving the world, but the upcycle concept allows for several alternative ideas for a used or old thing. Upcycling is not a new idea; in fact, it has been around since 1951! As if that wasn’t enough, the notion was dubbed “Cradle to Cradle” at the time, and it is considered one of the fundamental principles of Americanism influenced by European influences.

Europeans, contrary to popular belief in the United States, do not continue to accumulate and save whatever they possess. To preserve space and not clutter their relatively small houses, old objects are reused and utilized in new ways. One of the book’s contributors, ‘Michael Braungart,’ a German-born scientist and visionary environmental thinker, handed this along as a notion.

Apart from that, finding a decent use for anything that has become old or worn out should not limit your options for what to do with old cookware that you can no longer use. These goods are ideal for reusing or, as the case may be, upcycling.

Great Ways to Repurpose Your Old Cookware


Rather of throwing away your old pots and pans, we’ve got some terrific suggestions on what to do with them. Here are some of our suggestions on what to do with these miscellaneous items:

Use Them To Decorate Your Kitchen


When you have older and antique pots or pans, but not restricted to old-looking cookware that’s surely nostalgic, this is a popular option for farmhouse and rural kitchen décor. Select pots with artistic pictures on the sides might become wonderful art pieces within your present kitchen décor motif when put on open shelf or along the tops of hanging cabinets.

The same may be said for any tools or accessories that seem fascinating when hanging together in a group. When mounted on the wall in your kitchen, even a collection of intriguing pot lids or odd griddles is always appealing.

Make Planters Out Of Them

Old cookware use for planting

Reusing old cooking pots or small saucepans on top of a garden display table is ideal for folks who like having potted plants all around their house. These are also an excellent way to keep your plants indoors, whether inside or out, since they won’t leak water from an existing pot. When you put three or more blossoming plants into a spare container, they seem more lively.


This method of keeping potted plants has an old-fashioned rural air to it, giving an average potted plant more visual appeal. Cast iron pots aren’t ideal for use outdoors, but the more primitive these pots seem, the greater the aesthetic effect.

Children’s Kitchen Toys

Kid playing with small pan in kitchen

When they’re playing in their kid-sized kitchen, little kids are constantly amused. It isn’t only a small girl’s realm since the kitchen is open to everyone who wants to be creative in the kitchen. Pots and pans, as well as smaller utensils and accessories that kids are familiar with, make excellent real-life toy props. It also provides them greater realism in a play environment, since most toy kitchen items are plastic and not very realistic.

Make sure these products aren’t big or too heavy to carry, since the selection procedure may be more conservative than what you should provide your children. It also gives your kids a sense of how actual Mommy and Daddy kitchen cookware might complement their tiny pretend kitchen.

Organizers for Bins of Storage

Ice cube trays use to store screws, nails, bolts etc

Muffin trays and ice cube trays, as well as other vintage culinary accessories, make wonderful container trays for the garage or home office. These handy containers can hold all of your pushpins, screws, nails, bolts, and other tiny items. These stack easily, making them ideal for storage in a drawer or on a shelf. For those occasions when you need a spare screw to hang a painting on the wall, you’ll never lose sight of these extras.

These containers are also ideal for storing paper clips, rubber bands, and even extra coins for more organization in home offices. These are also great for storing knickknacks of all kinds, and they make it simpler to keep surplus pieces that might otherwise end up in your drawer tops.


plastic bins art and craft

When you utilize old Tupperware and plastic bins for keeping paints and art materials, making a craft bin is always a lot more enjoyable. If you have a spare hot plate, old pots may also be used as wax melting containers. In the case of ceramics and jewelry, little leftover spice bottles are ideal for storing beads and gems so they don’t get lost in a larger container. Old Tupperware lids may also be used as paint mixing palettes.

There is one thing to be stated about arts and crafts: everything in your kitchen that can be utilized for cooking or food preparation is an excellent addition to your arts and crafts collection.

Use Them When You Go Camping

Old Cookware use in camping

Some people will spend a lot of money on camping cooking equipment, but the best-kept secret is to carry old cookware instead. In a plastic storage container, keep your whole camping cookery set. This will keep everything you’ll need ready to go the next time you go camping, and it’ll be just as simple to travel and set up at your campground. Another benefit is that you will feel more at ease utilizing kitchen cookware that you are already familiar with.

It doesn’t imply your cookware isn’t effective just because it’s older. It may still be utilized to some extent when camping unless it’s half damaged, cracked, or has some chips and faults.

Upcycling is a great way to reuse old cookware. If you are not able to find a use for your pots and pans, it is best to recycle them or garbage them. Reference: pots and pans recycle or garbage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with old pots and pans?

A: You can usually recycle these items to make new pots and pans.

Can used cookware be recycled?

A: Used cookware can be recycled if it is put together in the correct order. The first piece should go into a container of used cooking oil, followed by aluminum foil, then plastic wrap or wax paper. The last part goes into regular trash for recycling purposes.

What can you do with old non stick pans?

A: Old non stick pans can be used as grilling utensils on a grill.

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