Types of Fellow Tea Kettles

Recently in the UK, a new term has come to the forefront: fellow tea kettle. The concept of a fellow tea kettle is an old one, with roots back to the days of the Chinese teapot. A tea kettle is a source of the hot water that one uses to make tea. While relatively simple, the Chinese tea kettle has evolved over the centuries into a multi-use container with spouts, handles, curved sides, and even the ability to brew cold water.

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It’s always a good idea to have a cup of tea when visiting tea cups around the world. While tea is a drink highly associated with the British Isles, it has spread to many parts of the world, where it is truly a global drink. In the United States, so many people share the same idea that “tea” is an abbreviation of “tea kettle” that the phrase was even used in advertisements for hot beverage makers!

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We’ve been monitoring Fellow tea kettles and believe you should be aware of the many types available. While they’re renowned for their precise gooseneck design, they seem to be unrivaled when it comes to heating water for your favorite tea or pour over coffee.

Fellow has received consistent acclaim for its quality and design despite the fact that they have only been on the market for a short period. They’re exactly in that price range, putting them in the middle of the pack. They’re not for the faint of heart, and they’re designed for tea connoisseurs who like the pour-over technique. They offer a kettle that is styled for everyone’s preferences, as you’ll soon discover. If you’re searching for a classic whistling tea kettle, check out our tea kettle reviews.

Kettle Stagg

Matte Black fellow Stagg kettle

This is Fellow’s best-selling kettle. It’s perfect in terms of aesthetics and general design. This gooseneck spout will add elegance to any kitchen, thanks to its simple form that is ideal for precise pouring. It is available in two versions: one with an electric heating pad and one without.

  1. Set of EKG electric kettles

This model comes with a heating pad with variable temperature control that uses normal 120V outlets. If you transport it abroad, you may require a converter plug since there isn’t a 220V version. This heating pad also features a timer, so you can keep track of how long your brew has been running. It also features a hold setting that keeps the temperature at the chosen level for 60 minutes.

This set comes with a choice of five colors or two wooden handle options. You may also choose whether you want your water temperature to be shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit. When you buy this upgrade, you will get an extra EKG+ version that is Bluetooth-controlled. It’s ideal if you don’t have access to a kitchen with a burner, since making tea in your bedroom or workplace will be much easier.

  1. Kettle for pouring over

This is the same version as the previous one, but it doesn’t include a heating pad and is designed to be heated on a cooktop. There are just four color options for this version: matt black, matt white, chrome, or copper. Because this does not have a temperature controller, it will have a thermometer built into the lid so you can quickly check your temperature. Both of these kettles include a counterweighted handle, which may be used with the electric heating pad or on their own.

This makes pouring this kettle a breeze and offers you more control over pour-over brewing for tea and coffee kettles. To avoid drip-back down the gooseneck, the pouring spout must be balanced carefully. When pouring any hot water, just pour it in calm, steady streams. Because these kettles aren’t dishwasher safe, you’ll have to wash them by hand with soap and water.

Scrubbing them will cause scratches on your chrome and matt surfaces, so don’t attempt it. While preparing pour-over tea, you may also purchase an extra tea seeper from Fellow.


Matte Black Corvo on wood surface

The variation in pour spouts is the sole distinction between the Corvo and the Stagg. Unlike the Stagg, the Corvo has a shorter top spout that sits exactly at the edge of the lid. But, apart from that, when it comes to their heating pad models, they are almost identical. There isn’t a stand-alone cooktop model available. This version is only available in black, however you may upgrade to a wooden handle if you like.

The handle is identical to the Stagg’s and provides optimum balance, preventing the carafe from dragging your wrist down.

Clyde Kettle is a Scottish brewer.

Clyde kettle on wood table

If you recall, your grandmother’s old-fashioned kettle from the 1970s had that iconic-looking L-shaped handle protruding from the rear. While there is no better name for this tea kettle that gives contemporary minimalism a run for its money than the Clyde. It resembles a flat-blacked hot bun warmer or a quirky Bluetooth speaker you’d bring to the beach. In any case, the vintage style will appeal to you.

It’s exclusively for stovetop use and lacks a thermometer in the lid, but it does include a pleasant two-tone whistle that lets you know when your water is ready! This is your best bet for more than 3 individuals at a time if you have a big company that enjoys tea in the morning. It can boil up to 1.7 liters at a time, so it’s built to last straight out of the box. It also includes a safety valve that opens as you pour it, so no whistle cap is required.


Matte Black fellow Raven

This model is a stand-alone cooktop variant that appears identical to the Corvo. What sets this apart is that it includes an extra tea filter that fits into the carafe chamber. You could purchase a Corvo and a tea filter drop-in separately, but that would be pointless. This variant includes the tea filter and is referred to as the Corvo stand-alone plus model.

It has a thermometer on it, so you can see the temperature at a glance. When completely filled, it can contain 1 liter of water. It’s only available in black, but you can simply replace it with a wooden handle. If you have another Fellow kettle electric set, it will also fit on the heating pad. With two kettles, you can prepare tea or coffee for visitors or your family.

Kettle Sets for Colleagues

Fellow kettle sets on black surface

Tea kettles may be purchased in sets for communal brewing, which include additional cups and a pour-over vessel. You may even serve your finished tea in a glass carafe. There are also combo packages available that contain a kettle and a French Press, as well as weighted handles in black or wood finishes. Whichever option you pick, you’ll need to boil your water on a burner.

There is, of course, a wide variety of tea kettles available, and each one serves a unique purpose. Not only do they differ in shape, but they can also be differentiated by the number of cups they can store. Some tea kettles are uniquely designed for infusers, while others are fit with tea filters. Still others provide a hot water selection that aids in the brewing process.. Read more about fellow stagg ekg review and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use fellow kettle for tea?

Yes, I can use a kettle for tea.

What type of tea kettle is best?

The best type of tea kettle is a stove top kettle.

How many ounces is a fellow kettle?

A fellow kettle is a unit of weight equal to 16 ounces.

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