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Keto is a diet that has become a fad in recent years, especially considering it is designed to help you lose weight, control your blood sugar, reduce inflammation and improve overall health. However, many people tend to be scared of the low-carb diet, believing that it is difficult to stick to, and not entirely healthy, especially when it comes to breakfast.

Are you interested in Keto? Do you want to know the best Keto Granola brand to buy? Do you want to know the reasons you should choose a Keto Granola brand? Well, we’ve got you covered!  Today, I’m going to share with you my favorite Keto Granola brand to buy, and the reasons why you should choose a Keto Granola brand.

Granola Lacanto is my new favorite keto breakfast!

Did you miss the crunchy granola? You don’t have to do it anymore! Lakanto granola is so delicious it’s hard to believe it’s keto. Honestly, I’d rather have a bowl of this than regular cereal. And the good news is that you can enjoy it without a guilty conscience: only 1 net carbohydrate per half cup!

Sweet, salty and tasty keto granola…. finally.

I’m not kidding when I say that I will never find a bag of Lacanto Almond Crunch Cinnamon granola in my pantry. I wanted to know how delicious a low-carb granola like this is, and after one bite my taste buds made a leap of joy!

And no, this is not a sponsored post. I love this stuff so much I have to share it.

It’s sweet, like most granola, and doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste that some low-carb sweet foods have. The salt enhances the natural flavors of the coconut and almonds without overpowering them. Just thinking about this crunchy granola makes me want to eat it right away!

With a little unsweetened almond milk or yogurt, it sounds almost too good to eat for breakfast, but who says you can’t eat it for lunch or late night snack! !!

I also can’t remember the last time I ate a yogurt parfait, so I didn’t hesitate to make it with Lakanto granola, and let me tell you, it was a real dessert. It can also be used as a topping for ice creams and desserts that need a little more crunch.

Also worth noting is the fact that it only contains one net carbohydrate per 1/2 cup serving!

Colleen loves this granola too!

This granola is delicious – crunchy, sweet and so good with almond milk. I can’t believe this is a low carb dish. I love the taste of cinnamon, this is probably my favorite keto granola! – hill

Lakanto Granola Meal Information:

Serving size: 1/2 cup 160 calories Fat: 14 g Total carbohydrates: 10 g Protein: 3 g Fiber: 4 g Sugar: <1 g

Sometimes keto food that tastes great can be too good to be true. Fortunately, that’s not the case with this granola, as I checked the ingredients and nutritional information to make sure it was compatible with the keto diet. And it is! Pour me another bowl, please!

This granola gets a 10/10 on the crunch factor scale!

Sunflower, almond and coconut seeds make this low-carb granola extra crunchy, and chia seeds add flavor to the texture.

I promise you Lakanto granola is worth the price.

Although this granola is more expensive than regular granola ($11.99 per bag), it’s 100% worth it to me, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand why. Like I said, it doesn’t taste as low-carb as it actually is, and it can sometimes be hard to find sweet keto snacks that you really like.

Oh, and I know I already said it above, but in case you missed it and are wondering: Taylor, you say that because it’s probably a sponsored post. NO! I can’t get enough of this granola, and even though it’s a more expensive product, I feel obligated to share it with our community!

You can buy this cereal directly from Lakanto and save 10% on your order by using promo code HIP2KETO at checkout!

This is what some keto granola fans have to say about Lakanto granola:

I absolutely love this granola mix! It’s very tasty and savory. I highly recommend it. I tried another brand of granola mix, but it doesn’t even come close!

I’ve always loved granola, and when I went keto I missed it, so I tried other foods, but they tasted terrible and the texture was off. But today I tried this granola and it was everything I wanted and lacked….. so delicious, crunchy and not too sweet. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT !!!! Order more right away so you have a supply.

You can’t help but love this cereal! You don’t say. I’ve never loved granola as much as I do now! The smell is excellent. It goes very well with yogurt or even milk. Shit! It’s so good you can eat it yourself!

Have you ever tried our keto oatmeal recipe? It’s so spicy and savory!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best keto granola to buy?

The best keto granola to buy is the one that you like the most.

Which granola has the least amount of carbs?

The granola with the least amount of carbs is Kashi Heart to Heart Honey Almond Granola. It has only 2 grams of carbs per serving.

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