The Top 9 Panela Cheese Substitutes

Panel cheese on a white background.

Panela is a Mexican cream cheese with a mild taste and a soft, creamy texture. This cheese, made from cow’s milk, is an adaptation of the Greek basket cheese. It is versatile in the kitchen and crumbles perfectly on tacos, nopalé salads, quesadillas or chuevos rancheros.

In some parts of the world it can be difficult to find a body. If you can’t find it in your shop, read on. We’ve put together a list of our favourite panel replacements so you can make any recipe without the original ingredient.

What are the best panel replacements?

To replace panels in your recipe, it is best to use a panel or frying pan; to crumble like lace, try ricotta, cottage cheese or kittens. Although each option has its own taste and texture, they are all similar cheeses and are suitable for all dishes that require a panela.

Panela replaces computer graphics 1. Panel

Used for baking and slow cooking

Panir – Indian cheese made with sweet milk and with a milk taste similar to Panir. It is a hard cream cheese, normally unsalted, which may appear weak when eaten straight from the pack. However, it is an excellent cheese to bake at high temperatures or to cook slowly with curry and chilli peppers. It can withstand the heat without losing its shape.

In the United States, signage is a common product normally found in large supermarkets. If you are interested in a tasty use of this cheese, be sure to read our practical article on comparing Saag and fingers.

2. Gallumi

Used for baking and slow cooking

Gallumi is another useful substitute for leaf cheese when it is necessary to withstand heat without melting. When consumed, the raw product becomes bitter and salty thanks to the brine in which it is packed. After cooking, the strong taste disappears and the cheese takes over the taste of the other ingredients in the dish. It offers a pleasant creamy mouthfeel, but at the same time more chewing gum than panela, and has a texture that squeaks when you bite into it. Depending on your personal preferences, this can be a positive thing.

3. Ricotta

Used for spraying

Ricotta is a soft cheese with a creamy and slightly grainy texture. It has a milky, slightly sweet taste and looks like a sign. It is ideal for sprinkling soups and tacos or adding burritos to the contents. For sweet desserts, puddings and ricotta cakes is a good choice. Try to find a variation that is as hard as possible in the texture, because it better simulates the texture of the panels.

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4. Cottage cheese

Used for spraying

Cottage cheese is an excellent alternative to the panel if you are looking for a healthier choice. It is good for people who want to lose weight and is rich in vitamin B, protein, selenium and calcium.

Cottage cheese is a soft, moist fresh cheese made from cottage cheese mixed with cream or whey. Its sweet and slightly sour taste makes it an ideal product to sprinkle on your favourite Mexican dish.

5. Quezoa Oaxaca

Perfect for filling or roasting

Caesao Oaxaca is a Mexican cheese made from cow’s milk. It is a white, semi-soft variety belonging to the family of macaronifyllates. The cheese is stretched and kneaded in a long rope and then sold in balls. Oaxaca has a sweet and oily taste and is slightly salty. The texture is not as brittle as that of plates, but it can still be grated on dishes such as beans, soups or toast.

Since Oaxaca melts, you should not use it as a substitute in recipes where the cheese needs to keep its shape. Add it to enchilades, peppers or quesadillas for a delicious creamy cheese dish.

6. Fresco with questions

The best thing to do is to squash or dice

The Fresco Caesarean, or cream cheese, is a fresh and mild cheese that is deliciously balanced with heavy and meaty recipes. It is also a delicious addition to lighter dishes such as grilled vegetables or salads. It is a lighter cheese than most of the others on the list, and it will not give the same appetite for butter to the food. Cooking makes the C-section fresco softer, but it doesn’t melt.

Caesarian frescoes on chopping board 7. Farm cheese

The best thing to destroy

Boerenkaas is a kind of curd cheese that is pressed, which gives a harder texture with less moisture. It can be used as a panel when cooking and is ideal for watering food. Farm cheese can be made from sheep’s, goat’s or cow’s milk, so the taste can vary from very mild to sour. It is sometimes rolled in herbs or other spices. So check the label to make sure it matches your dish.

8. Katya not old

Used to crush or rub

Kotya cheese is a Mexican cheese made from cow’s milk. When ripe, it is a dry, hard cheese with a salty taste, similar to that of Parmesan cheese. Although it is an excellent cheese for Mexican cuisine, the immature version will better imitate the taste and texture of the panels. It is moist and crumbly and contains less salt, which is perfect for adding rich, creamy foods.

9. Mozzarella

Most suitable for grating or cutting

Fresh mozzarella has a delicate milky taste, a soft texture and a low fat content. The low humidity product will be an excellent substitute for plates; it is a popular cheese that is easy to find in supermarkets. Freshly grilled mozzarella can be a real challenge, so open the cheese with your hands and sprinkle it on a plate. You can also slice it and eat it with salads, pizzas or just as a starter.

Summary of replacement groups

Replace Best use Notes
Board of Directors Roasting, slow cooking Universal Indian Cheese
Hullumi Roasting, slow cooking More rubber texture
Ricotta Crash Also suitable for desserts.
White cheese Crash A healthy option
Quezoa Oaxaca Filling, grating Does not retain its shape when heated.
Mural with questions Demolition, block formation A simple and fresh tasting
Farm cheese Crash Fixed with low humidity
Katya Crushing, grate Miners are closest to the signs.
Mozzarella Tight, sharp Get a new variety

Brief description of the panel

  • The cheese was born in Mexico, but it is not exactly known in which year it was first produced.
  • The cheese is also excellent for frying because it retains its shape and softens, but does not melt. Other useful options are baking or slicing and adding to sandwiches, cakes or cemitas.
  • It is hung in a basket to sit on, which is why it is often called korfkaas or queso de la canasta.
  • The cheese has a basket pattern on the outside which comes from the basket in which it is placed.
  • Although Panela is a useful ingredient in many recipes, it is also excellent for self-sufficiency as an aperitif.

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The panel is a soft, smooth cheese that lends itself well to baking, crumble and cutting. Glass containers or hallucinations are very suitable as a substitute ingredient for deep-fried or slow-cooked dishes. There are many soft cheeses that can be used as an alternative to dishes, such as ricotta, cottage cheese or Cesarian frescoes. Queso Oaxaca is a good choice in hot dishes when the cheese does not need to stay in shape but needs to melt.

What recipe are you looking for to order Panela cheese? Please let us know in the comments below.

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