The Best Low-Carb Vegan Tempeh Burger – Recipe

We’ve been putting together a low carb vegan burger for a while now, and this recipe is the best one we’ve tried yet. It’s got a crunchy texture, unbelievable flavor, and is just filling enough to keep your energy up throughout the day. It’s also totally customizable so you can get as creative as you want and it will still have that perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Tempeh is a fermented soybean-based food, that has been a staple in Asian and Indonesian diets for hundreds of years . It’s nutritional benefits include protein, fiber, and B vitamins. It’s also a great alternative to other meat-based burgers because it’s soy-free, cholesterol-free, and low-fat.

Tempeh is one of the most versatile foods around. It can be eaten raw, smoked, cooked, fermented, and used in a variety of recipes. It’s a great source of protein for vegans, and it’s also cholesterol-free. Try it on sandwiches, in salads, or as a meat substitute in recipes like this!


Vegan tempeh burger on a portobello bread that’s low in carbs.



To eat this amazing vegan burger, you’ll need two hands. Tender, juicy, and delicious tempeh patties are nestled between an easy portobello mushroom bread and topped with luscious toppings. Yes, it’s low in carbs, but it’s also rich in protein, minerals, and taste!

Medium (10 + 30 m + 1 h)



  1. Horizontally slice the tempeh into 12 inch (1.2 cm) pieces. In a shallow plate, arrange the pieces.

  2. Pour over the tempeh slices a mixture of vegetable stock, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, onion powder, garlic powder, thyme, and half of the olive oil. 1 hour of marinating In a large frying pan over medium heat, heat the remaining olive oil and cook the tempeh slices until crispy and brown on both sides.

  3. Pour the marinade over the tempeh and simmer, stirring occasionally, until the marinade is largely absorbed (approx. 15 minutes)

  4. Meanwhile, clean, dry, and remove the stems from the mushrooms. Season the mushrooms with salt and pepper after brushing them with olive oil. Grill mushrooms in the broiler for approximately 5 minutes on each side, or until soft and tender.

  5. Between the grilled portobello mushrooms, serve with fresh lettuce and tomato.

Serving ideas for vegans

This succulent vegan burger pairs well with a variety of low-carb vegetables and sauces.

It will be messy since it is so juicy, so have napkins on hand. Alternatively, use a knife and fork to eat.

Delicious vegan egg-free keto mayoKeto mayo that is vegan and egg-free.




Zucchini chipsChips made with zucchini









What exactly is tempeh?

Tempeh is a fermented soybean product. Because of the fermentation process and the preservation of the entire bean, it has a greater protein, dietary fiber, and vitamin content.


In terms of soy,

For vegetarians and vegans who follow a low-carb diet, soy products such as tofu and tempeh may be an excellent source of protein.

While some research in test tubes and animals have raised concerns about soy’s harmful health consequences, it’s difficult to find human studies that demonstrate anything but favorable results. People with thyroid problems may want to make sure they receive adequate iodine when they consume soy on a daily basis (good vegan sources of iodine include iodized salt or seaweed). Soy has a full DD food policy.

The advantages of soy seem to exceed any possible dangers for individuals who wish to eliminate animal products.

I am not a fan of meat — but I love a good burger. And when I say a good burger, I mean a good low carb burger that you can feel good about eating. So, I set out to make the best vegan burger I could – one that is tasty, healthy, and best of all, good for you.. Read more about tempeh keto-friendly and let us know what you think.

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