The Best 7 Limoncello Substitutes

Glasses of Zitroncello

Lemoncello is a bright yellow Italian liqueur made from water, lemon, sugar and alcohol. It has a rich, sweet and lemony taste, with a syrupy, smooth and thick consistency. This Italian-made drink is a popular digestif that can be drunk neatly after a meal. It can also be added to cocktails or used to flavor cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, sorbets and sometimes spicy recipes.

Lemoncello bottle and dessert If you don’t have lemoncello, you need an alternative. We’ve put together a list of the best lemon cello substitutes, so you can miss them in the kitchen. Read on to find the choice that best suits your needs.

What can I use to replace my lemon cello?

Use lemon syrup, extract or juice to replace lemon balls while cooking. We propose to add extra sugar to simulate the sweetness and ensure that the proportions of the liquid do not change. For example, if you replace half a glass of lemon cello with lemon extract, you must also use water, butter or milk, otherwise the mixture may not contain enough moisture.

Replacing a liqueur with a drink is not easy because it has a unique taste. However, you can also try Curacao for a bitter orange flavored alcoholic beverage. It’s different, but it’s delicious. Lemon, a lemon spirit produced in Greece, produces a similar liqueur with a lemon flavour. Look for Meyer Lemon Ginger Liqueur from Organic Mixology for a premium drink.

Lemoncello and cake bottles 1. Lemon syrup

Lemon syrup is an excellent non-alcoholic choice to replace lemon-cellulose in recipes and cocktails. Syrup is a liquid based on lemon sugar with a consistency similar to that of the original ingredient. A wide selection of lemon syrup brands is available in supermarkets and online shops.

One of the most popular options is Torani Lemon Syrup, which has a similar bright yellow colour and is ideal for a refreshing mocktail or spicy coffee.

Monin also sells a gastronomic product based on lemon extract. It doesn’t have the same bright yellow colour, but its delicious taste compensates for that. This drink can be used in sauces, mashed potatoes, cocktails and all desserts that require lemon cello.

Brooklyn-based Morris Kitchen produces canned lemon syrup. This drink has a strong lemon flavour with a subtle floral and sea tint. If you don’t mind using a slightly different taste profile, use this ingredient in marinades, herbs, cocktails and sweet recipes.

Whatever brand you choose, we advise you to use the same quantities as those required according to the original recipe.

2. Lemon extract

Lemon extract is a useful substitute and comes in a handy small bottle that can be kept in the pantry. This ingredient gives a strong lemon flavour and is ideal to be sprayed on a pound cake, lemon cake or any other baked dessert.

We suggest adding a teaspoon of extract and an extra tablespoon of sugar. So try the test before using the supplements. Add a little extra liquid to the cake batter (or whatever you mix) to explain the omission of the lemon encella.

Looks like a lecture: What is the difference between lemon butter and lemon extract?

3. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is an excellent alternative to lemon juice and both types work equally well in fresh or bottled form. Unlike an extract, juice yields the same amount of liquid as drink, so there is no need to add too much water, butter or milk to compensate for this. Make sure you add an extra spoonful of sugar to your recipe, otherwise your dish could be spoiled by the acid.

Limoncella replaces the information card 4. Curaçao

You won’t taste the same as Curacao lemon cello. The main difference is that on Curacao the bitter orange taste is more dominant than the lemon taste. But if you need an alcoholic beverage for a nice aperitif or to make a smoothie, it will work well.

5. Lemon

Kitron is a Greek version of the Italian citroncello, which originated on the picturesque island of Naxos. They use the leaves and fruits of a citrus fruit, a slightly stronger variant of the lemon.

We would have indicated this alternative at the top of the page if it wasn’t hard to find. It’s unlikely you’ll find Kitron in a local shop, but you might be able to get a bottle in a Greek grocery store. Otherwise, what better excuse is there to attack the Greek islands?

6. Biological Mixology

If you need a substitute for alcohol, Bio-Mixology produces a lemon and ginger soda called Meyer. It is an organic sugar cane distillate with 17.5% alcohol by volume. This liqueur has a citrus-like taste with a hint of ginger to get interesting things. Add one or two glasses of this drink to your cocktail or enjoy it directly on ice.

7. Create your own

Instead of looking for a replacement, you could make a homemade lemon cello that is surprisingly easy to make. Vodka with a high alcohol content is ideal for extracting the maximum lemon aroma, but you can also use black alcohol if you want a liqueur with more complex aromas. Efficiency: 4 cups
Cooking time: 10 min.


  • 12 lemons, washed and dried
  • 1/5th of the vodka
  • 2 glasses of sand sugar


  1. Use a lemon knife or detergent to keep the white skin on the lemon. Set the fruit aside for other uses, such as lemonade.
  2. Put a lemon rind in a large glass and pour vodka over it before closing the lid.
  3. Leave them for at least 4 days in a cool, dark place to insist. For a stronger lemon flavour, you can leave the sofa for up to 30 days.
  4. Pour the liquid through a fine sieve or coffee filter into a large measuring cup or bowl. Never mind.
  5. Add two cups of water and two cups of sugar to the pan and bring the water to a boil over medium heat. Stir until the sugar has dissolved, then take it off the fire and let it cool down.
  6. Mix the syrup with the vodka and stir until the syrup is mixed. Pour the lemon encella with a funnel into the bottle and close it with a cork.
  7. Cool or freeze for 4 hours so that the liqueur cools down well before serving.

Comment on the recipe :
-Lemoncello should be kept in the freezer for 1 to 2 years or in the refrigerator for 1 month.
Frozen sugar and water for a milder taste, low-alcohol drink.
-100% vodka is the best choice of alcohol because it improves the lemon flavour and makes the drink smoother.
-Organic or locally grown lemons are a good option because they contain no unwanted waxes or sprays. Other citrus fruits such as oranges, pomegranates, grapefruits or citrus rumo also make delicious liqueurs.
-Microplate or peeler can be used to remove the crust, but a peeler or peeler is much faster.

Interesting reading:
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Brief description of Lemon cell

  • Beverages are produced on a large scale throughout Italy and flavours vary depending on the alcohol and lemons consumed.
  • The alcohol content of encella lemons is generally between 28 and 32%.
  • The original lemons used in the production of liqueurs are mainly found in Capri and Sorrento.
  • It is recommended to serve the drink cold directly from the freezer.
  • In Italy, lemon etcolo is one of the most popular liqueurs together with Camparie, Sambuca and Amaretto.


A little lemon-encello gives food and drink a spicy citrus flavour. You can use syrup, extract or lemon juice as a substitute if you are looking for a non-alcoholic alternative. If you want to keep your drinks, try Curacao, an organic mixology brand, or the elusive Kitron from Greece. The best way to achieve perfect taste and consistency is to create your own taste. This drink is easy to prepare, but for a better lemon flavour you should use a high quality vodka.

Don’t forget that some dessert recipes use alcohol to their advantage. Let’s take the example of the ice. Alcohol helps to prepare creamier ice cream with smaller ice crystals. Replacing Lemoncello with syrup or extract still works, but the results are less good.

Which recipe or drink would you like to prepare for Zitronencello? Please let us know in the comments below.

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