The 9 Best Mizithra Cheese Substitutes

Noodles with grated misitra on a plate.

Mizitra – Greek cheese made from sheep’s milk, the texture of which varies according to age. The fresh product is soft, sweet and slightly sour with a soft texture like cream cheese. Adult block is hard, dry and brittle, ideal for grating.

Fresh miter is an excellent addition to baked desserts, cheese biscuits, pies and Greek cheesecakes. The ripe version is best grated or chopped into soups, pastas and sauces.

It can be difficult to find a foreigner outside of Greece, and even if you find one in a special cheese shop, it can be quite expensive. Instead you can try one of our replacement cheeses tabs, which are similar and better available in many countries.

What can I use to replace Mitra cheese?

Use mascarpone, manouri or feta cheese as a substitute for misìrit fromage frais. An obsolete product can be replaced by an old Cotija, Parmesan or Kefalotyri. In the non-dairy variant, food yeast, a low-fat ingredient that gives a cheesy taste similar to that of food, must be taken into account.

1. Mascarpone

Alternative to freshness

Mascarpone is a soft, slightly sweet Italian cheese with a creamy, crumbly texture. It is a good substitute for fresh misitra and can be used in cheesecakes or as a topping for desserts or fruit salads. Mascarpone also gives spicy dishes a delicious silky texture and is ideal for thickening sauces.

2. Manouri

Alternative to freshness

Manouri is a Greek semi-manufactured cheese, a by-product of the production of feta cheese from sheep’s or goat’s milk. It is produced in the same way as Misitre, although it contains a larger amount of fat thanks to the addition of thick cream.

Cheese tastes like fresh yogurt, although it does not have the same acidity. The taste is subtle and a little sour, with a light aroma.

Use manouri for spaghetti and salads or serve a snack flavoured with tomato and oregano.

3. Feta cheese

Alternative to freshness

Another cheese from Greece, feta cheese. It is a granular and crumbly cheese that is a useful substitute for Misitra. Feta is a well known variety that can be found in most parts of the world in regular supermarkets, so it’s not hard to find.

Although feta cheese is saltier, it crumbles deliciously on cakes and salads. This option is not suitable for adding to sauces and soups because feta cheese does not melt.

Mizitra Replacement graph 4. Katya

The old alternative

Cotya – Cow cheese, produced in Mexico, hard and dried to the taste of milk salt. Whether you buy it on a grater or as a block, it is an excellent alternative to mizithra, which can be grated in soups, salads or almost any Mexican dish. It gives spicy recipes a deliciously high fat content and a delicious umemi flavour, although it is slightly less salty than Mizitra.

5. Parmesan cheese

The old alternative

Parmesan cheese is a widespread light yellow cheese with a unique salty and sour taste. These are hard, granulated cheeses made from cow’s milk. Use this substitute to deepen the taste of pizza, spaghetti or your favourite pasta dish.

6. Cefalotiri

The old alternative

Kefalotiri is a Greek and Cypriot salted cheese, which replaces the ripened Misitra in an inexpensive way. It is pale yellow in color with a random hole. Its firm texture, sharp taste and strong aroma make it an excellent grater for all spicy dishes such as meat, pasta or vegetable dishes.

7. Ricotta salata

The old alternative

Ricotta Salata is an Italian cheese that is pressed and matured for more than three months into a salty, dried, hard textured cheese. It’s a good replacement for an adult Misitre.

The fresh variety of this cheese is known as ricotta, a fresh and soft product. Instead of salt, it tastes a little sweet with a hint of pie. This cheese is much more common on the market and can be used as a reserve of fresh misitra.

8. Pecorino Romano

The old alternative

Use Pecorino Romano as a delicious full alternative with flavoured pieces. It is a salt hard pecorino cheese produced in Italy and another excellent variant of the grill. Check out the special cheese section in most supermarkets and this variety should be available.

9. Food yeast

Alternative to the factory

Nutrient rich yeast is usually sold in powder or flakes. It is readily available in health food stores and is also becoming increasingly popular in large supermarkets. This product is low in fat and contains a lot of proteins and vitamins. It is a popular choice for vegetarians, vegans or anyone looking for an alternative to cheese on a non-dairy diet. Sprinkle the yeast with nutrients to give it a creamy, salty and cheesy taste.

Study table for replacement of bolsters

Replace Best use
Mascarpone Alternative to freshness
Manouri Alternative to freshness
Feta Alternative to freshness
Katya The old alternative
Parmesan The old alternative
Cefalotiri The old alternative
Ricotta/Ricotta Salad Fresh or spicy alternative
Roman pecorino The old alternative
Nutrient yeast Alternative to the factory

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What are the good alternatives to cream-coloured frames?
How do you keep cheese?
What are the useful options for replacing a manchego?

Some facts about Mizitre

  • It can be written by a Mizitra or a Mizitra.
  • There are three types: fresh, sour or old.
  • It is made from whey residue from the production of hard cheese.
  • This cheese has been produced in Greece for thousands of years.
  • Other popular Greek cheeses : Kefalotiri, Ladotiri, Metsovone, Casseri, Feta and Graviera.


If you want to replace your Misitra in the kitchen, you need to think about the freshness or hardness of the recipe. You can use mascarpone, manouri or feta cheese to replace the soft version. The old version can be replaced by Cotija, Parmesan or Kefalotyri.

There are other options we haven’t mentioned because they’re hard to find. An example is anthotyros, a Greek cheese made from whey and goat’s or sheep’s milk. The fresh and mature varieties are very similar to Misiters, although Antotiros uses less whey in its production.

What’s your favorite Greek cheese? Please let us know in the comments below.

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