The 4 Top Khoya Substitutes For Desserts

Hoy's Desserts

Soy is an ingredient used in Indian cuisine for desserts and curries. It is produced by reducing the milk until the moisture evaporates and a soft, slightly sweet substance remains. Depending on the different textures, khoi can be soft, grainy or hard.

While Hoya is easy to find in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, it is a rare commodity in other parts of the world. If you can’t get something, you need a replacement. We’ve put together our favorite hoya substitutes so you can make any recipe without the original ingredient.

What can I use to replace the Choy?

The best alternatives to Hoya are powdered milk, ricotta or condensed milk. For a more authentic option you can also do a Hoya at home, but this takes extra time. Whichever replacement you choose from this list, remember that they all need to be cooked a little before they are added to the recipe. Read on to see how it goes.

1. Milk powder

Preparing khoja at home can take a lot of time, which makes it possible to use whole milk powder much faster. In 10 minutes you have enough time to prepare delicious Indian Mitai (sweets) or a series of delicious desserts.

The numberis required.

  • 1 tablespoon melted butter
  • ¼ cup of milk
  • 2 glasses of whole milk powder


  1. Put the melted butter and milk in a small saucepan and bring to the boil on medium heat, then remove from the heat.
  2. Pour the powdered milk into a large bowl and add melted hot butter. Stir gently until there are no more lumps. If the texture is too dry, you may need to add a few extra teaspoons of milk.
  3. Knead the mixture with your hands until it reaches a firm consistency, then set it aside and let it cool completely. The hoya will harden a little, but that’s normal.
  4. The finished dough can be grated or chopped into bowls.

2. Ricotta cheese

Ricotta is an excellent alternative to khoi, but we recommend the use of unsalted cheese. The humidity is higher than that of Hoya, so the humidity must be lowered during cooking.

Ricotta is a universal substitute that combines well with Harmony, Burfi, Peda and many other sweets. Next time Diwali comes here, no matter how spoiled you are.

3. Condensed milk

Condensed milk is perhaps the simplest backup option that can be used to replace khoi. Just pour a glass of milk with two teaspoons of ghee into a microwave-proof bowl. Before stirring, microwave at high speed for four minutes, check the texture. If necessary, continue cooking for another two minutes and check again. Microwave ovens have different cooking times, so care must be taken not to burn the bowl.

Milk condensed in sugar is higher than Hoija and increases the sweetness of everything you mix with it. If you add it to a dessert or candy recipe, we recommend that you reduce the sugar content slightly. 4. Create your own

Creating a real Hoya House takes time, but fortunately does not require your full attention. It is prepared at a very low temperature and should only be stirred periodically.

You need a high quality non-stick pan with a thick bottom or a Kadai to prevent your milk from burning on the bottom. Choose a deep jar to prevent spillage.



  1. Put the milk in a thick non-stick frying pan and cook over medium heat until it boils. Reduce the heat to low and continue cooking, stirring every few minutes.
  2. Boil the milk for 50 minutes until it becomes granular. Once this consistency is reached, stir the mixture continuously to prevent it from running out.
  3. Continue baking until it becomes a hard dough that resembles half an ash. The entire cooking time will take about an hour 1¼, and eventually it will take a lot of effort to stir.
  4. When you are satisfied with the texture, remove the heat and let it cool down. In the meantime, it will harden further.

Hoya Tips

  • When the consistency of the dough becomes sticky and hard, you can stop cooking early and prepare a soft hop.
  • Try to lightly scrape the bottom of the pan with a large scraping knife.
  • Soya beans should be stored in an airtight container and can be chilled for up to four days or frozen for two to three months.
  • For best results, always use fresh, whole milk.
  • 5 liters of milk gives about one pound of koi, although this varies depending on the milk used.

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Ornamental plant species

Chickna Hoya (software)

This product is also known as chikna mawa or haliyali and has a sticky, glossy consistency with a very high moisture content of 50%. It is made from low-calorie milk and is ideal for the preparation of desserts such as Halva, Rabbi and Jamun. You can also enjoy it in spicy recipes such as King Sauce and Shahi Panel.

Gulab-Jamun bowlGulab-Jamun made of soft khoi.

Danedar Hoya (granules)

This type of Hoya is usually called Danedar-Mava and has a thicker consistency than the previously mentioned Chickna-Mava. The texture is grainy because the milk is twisted with tartaric acid or aluminum during cooking. Dadenar is generally used for the preparation of burfeo and calacada.

Mava Barfi Mava Barfi freshly cooked.

Batti Ka Hoya (fixed)

Batti Ka Hoya means rock and is the hardest type of Hoya, as the moisture content is only 20%. It is made from whole milk and can be kept for 12 months to develop a unique taste and aroma. Scrub on the grill while cooking or sprinkle Batti Ka as cheese and add it to food such as lados, pots or pedals.

Hi pedal The Hi pedal is made of hard Hi.

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Some facts about the hoe

  • The koya is native to the Indian subcontinent and is also known as Khoa or Mawa.
  • In India many people make sweets (mitai) at home during Diwali instead of buying them.
  • Popular applications of Hoya include Halva, Kala Jamun, Barfi, Gulab Jamun, Huji and Pedal.
  • Growers in India produce around 600,000 tonnes of soybeans per year.

Huzzah freshly baked Huzzah is ready to take over.


Hoya is an important ingredient in several Indian confectionery products, but it can be difficult to find in other parts of the world. If you cannot find these types of products in your shop, you can replace them with powdered milk, ricotta or condensed milk. If you have free time, you can easily prepare a hoja by reducing the milk in the pot until it becomes a solid mass.

What recipe do you hope to get from your Hoya replacement? Please let us know in the comments below.

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