The 31 Things You Must Have In Your Kitchen From Target

Calling all culinary geniuses on a budget, this is for you. Kitchen appliances cost us money in the bank account…. , but how can we say no? Everything is beautiful, functional and, for the most part, absolutely necessary!

But thanks to Americans’ favorite grocery store, TARGET, we don’t always have to pay our bank accounts. We’ve compiled a list of great kitchen gadgets you can find at your local TARGET or on the TARGET website for an incredible price.

Obviously, this item is simple and inexpensive, but THAT saves our lives. These baking sheets are ready to be placed on a 12×16 inch baking pan. Save time and avoid headaches. How many times have I had to cut out a piece of parchment paper to make it fit? I don’t want to talk about that.

I am convinced that you….I bought this knife about a year ago and it changed my life. It is still incredibly sharp and I use it every day. It also comes with a pair of knives and together they cost $15. Are you kidding me? If you want to upgrade your knife set, you can find a great one here for only $40.

After 2020, have we all become “mixologists”? For the most part, yes. This bar kit is super efficient ($30) and contains everything you need to make the perfect cocktail. (Except for the alcohol, you’re on your own for that).

Listen to me. Weighing ingredients makes an absolute difference. While the most important thing in my kitchen is weighing the coffee beans and water we use to make our French press coffee (this is how we measure our French press coffee), weighing your cooking ingredients makes a huge difference in terms of flavor. This scale is $20.

One of the biggest drawbacks of cutting boards is that they shift on the countertop when you cut. Get into cutting boards. Not only are these cutting boards not expensive ($20 for two!), but they are very pretty and make a great decoration on the kitchen table.

My kitchen utensils are made of wood. They are safe, beautiful, eco-friendly and incredibly versatile. This set is great because they are beautiful and there are 10 pieces…. for $10!

It’s one of those sophisticated mechanisms that resemble… subtle life changes? Less messy plates = better dining experience.

Wire hangers are incredibly useful when making ALL types of baked goods. They are perfect for cooling baked goods. But they’re also great for roasting meats, like chicken, because they make the whole piece of meat crispy. Great bakes everywhere, and you can get them for $9!

It’s simple: stop partially tearing the ligaments in your fingers and wrists with a manual can opener. It’s worth the upgrade!

If you have nothing else on your list, buy a cast iron skillet. It’s worth every penny, and you’ll have it forever. Thirty dollars to make a skillet last forever? It’s worth it.

Have you ever planned a meal with meat in the freezer and then it’s time for that meal and your meat is still in the freezer? Is it on me? If so, you need it! This will help you defrost your meat quickly and safely. (Read here why it’s potentially dangerous to thaw meat at room temperature or in hot water).

This tool is amazing…. Have you ever tried to break a steak with a spatula? Yes… super irritating and surprisingly difficult?

I hope that, like me, you have found things on this list that are useful to you and your cooking!

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