The recipe for Strawberry Pudding, a creamy egg-free dessert made with fresh strawberries and porcelain grass or agar-agar, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Strawberry pudding

This year, strawberry pudding was the Valentine’s dessert. I love the pink hue and sweet and sour taste of the strawberries and wanted to enjoy them before they disappeared from the local market. A minimum of ingredients, easy preparation and no eggs is what brought me to this strawberry pudding recipe. This soft, silky, decadent pudding is perfect for any special occasion and is a comfort dish at its best.

I don’t like to use store-bought instant pudding mixes because I can make my own using fresh ingredients. Yes, homemade strawberry pudding is much better than store-bought mixes. Instead of gelatin, I used skim milk and agar-agar, also called porcelain grass. For a richer pudding, whole milk can be substituted for skim milk. This fruity dessert is light, not too sweet, and has an incredibly silky texture, similar to the strawberry firni I posted earlier.

Strawberry Pudding Recipe Without Eggs

This strawberry pudding recipe consists of four individual servings and is perfect for an afternoon or school outing. All you need to do is plan ahead, as you need to prepare it and put it in the fridge for a few hours so the flavors can mingle. This allows you to choose any topping when serving. B. Strawberry syrup, whipped cream or chopped fresh strawberries. Every bite is sweet, velvety and delicious, with a slight bitterness from the fresh strawberries. An easy dessert for kids to make, with no eggs and just delicious! One of the best egg free pudding recipes that should be in your dessert recipe repertoire.

If you love strawberries and like strawberry recipes, check out this great strawberry muffin recipe.

Learn how to make a strawberry pudding recipe from scratch with Chinese herbs, aka agar agar.

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