Rutabaga Fritters with Bacon – Recipe

This recipe has a bit of a twist and if you don’t want your fingers to be covered in batter then you will need a non-stick frying pan. It’s also a great recipe to use up leftover rutabaga.

There are multiple ways to get fritters to the table, some more impressive than others. One is to make a batter, which is easy enough, but doesn’t give you the variety of toppings you could have otherwise. Another is to make a dough, which is more laborious, but allows you to create and design a fritter with any shape or size of toppings you want.

In this recipe I’ll show you how to make Rutabaga Fritters. They’re delicious little pancakes that are easy to make and are a great alternative to using potatoes and other starchy vegetables in your everyday cooking.


Fritters made with rutabaga and bacon



Crispy rutabaga fritters that melt in your mouth are rich in iron, low in carbohydrates, and simple to make! Make these and serve them with bacon and mayonnaise for an amazing keto combo. #winning

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  1. Rinse the rutabaga and peel it. Using a grater or a food processor, finely shred the cheese. In the same manner, shred the cheese.

  2. In a mixing dish, combine the cheese and rutabaga with the other ingredients. Allow for a few minutes of rest.

  3. With your hands, form 12 patties and put in a frying pan with a large quantity of butter. (Alternatively, use a big spoon to scoop the ingredients straight into the pan.)

  4. Cook on a medium heat setting. After a few minutes, flip the patties. Reduce the heat as you get closer to the finish. Warm the fried fritters in the oven.

  5. Serve with a green salad and a dab of mayonnaise seasoned with herbs or paprika powder, if desired. Don’t forget about the bacon…


Grilling cheese, frying cheese, and Queso Para Frier are all names for halloumi cheese. It holds its own while providing a creamy texture, thanks to its high melting point—pure paradise in our book! Spices of your choosing may be added to the fritters to make them even better. Half a teaspoon of chile flakes or a tablespoon of dry herbs can transform your dish.

These ‘fritters’ are a tasty side dish with a taste of bacon that you won’t be able to resist!. Read more about swede fritters and let us know what you think.

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