Usually we think it’s IT when we hear Habanero, but the ringing of the hot sauce from Habanero’s fire sounds more like a sweet campfire… is BED with flavor. Got it? What makes the ring of fire so delicious? Is his slightest acuity imbalance in his habits in the service of heat? And how useful is this sauce day after day? Let’s dig!


Habanero fire circle: hot sauce with a grip full of fresh ingredients, some of which can be seen directly through the glass bottle. Ingredients: Vinegar, tomatoes, onions, habanero pepper, garlic, serrano pepper, spices, salt and sugar.

Even though the sauce is fine, the visible pieces of pepper, garlic and seeds are tested by the shop. First you get the taste of vinegar, then the sweetness of sugar and the sweet fruit fire of this habaneros.

And after all that, you still get a great taste of all the other great fresh ingredients. The scurvy of onions and garlic and the sour taste of fresh tomatoes emerge. These tomatoes provide a good acid balance, which melts the paprika bite.

To be honest, I pumped it right out of the bottle to see what fresh pieces I get every time. It’s a sauce that gives you a good balance of flavours so everyone wants to come back to the bottle.

Spicy Habanero Fire Ring Sauce on a Spoon

With salt in the sauce: The sodium content is 100 mg per teaspoon, which is a bit high, but you know what I think of these sauces. If I don’t have to look for salt because I have everything I need in a bottle, I’m in it. But if you’re careful with your salt intake, don’t forget.

Heat balance

The Habanero hot sauce ring contains both Habaneros (100,000 to 350,000 Scoville heat blocks) and Serrano peppers (10,000 to 23,000 SHU.) The pedigree says it should be quite hot, but both peppers are roughly poured into this sauce. You can see where they are in the list of ingredients.

The Ring of Fire does not mention the heat units of its sauce, but we would call them medium heat. And very edible. The acidity of the tomatoes softens the bite of the peppers, while the habits of the fresh ingredients and the Serrano disappear into the background. You really get beaten up, but with this sauce you can run faster without worrying.

So it has a certain tingling, but I’ve never had a burning tongue, just warm lips and a pleasant feeling of comfort.

All we’re saying is they called habanero for hot sauce. And with that comes the waiting in the form of heat. Here it’s a little low to meet the expectations of the call to Habanero straight ahead.

Ease of use

The aroma of Habanero’s Circle of Fire Sauce makes it particularly useful and versatile.

It’s ideal for Mexican cuisine – it’s the kind of sauce you can just put on burritos and tacos and you’ll be completely satisfied. I used about five tablespoons of it on a taco and I was totally excited.

It also makes it possible to prepare a hot and deadly margarita! The combination of vinegar and the freshness of the ingredients brings this cocktail to a new level. And that’s what heat is.

The fire of the Habanero hot sauce also makes a fantastic marinade. The aqueous consistency of the sauce will permeate any meat you marinate. I also liked being like a chicken. A bit thin, but these fresh flavours (and edible warmth) work very well here.

Collection capacity

I really like the bright and funny label, but the image of a man who turned red and blew out the flames is a bit exaggerated in my opinion. The label will make you think you should only try one drop and be watched. This will give you a boost, but the fire won’t be as fierce as the label suggests.

However, the label has enough eyes to distinguish it from the hot sauce group. And indeed, the collection of this sauce is more likely due to the fresh aromas of the bottle.


Habanero Hot Sauce’s ring of fire offers a ton of fresh flavor with a hint of edible fire. This combination of taste and warmth makes it an absolute winner when it comes to user-friendliness. You’re gonna get that sauce a lot.

General Taste 5
Heat balance 4
Usability 5
Possibility of registration 4
X Factor 4.5

Based on a score between 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest).

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