Pan-Seared Salmon Recipe

This pan-seared salmon recipe is an easy, healthy way to cook a fresh piece of fish. The secret ingredient in this dish is ginger, which infuses the salmon with great flavor and helps make it moist.

The “pan seared salmon – gordon ramsay” is a recipe for pan-seared salmon. The dish has been featured on Gordon Ramsay’s show, “Masterchef.”

Pan-Seared Salmon Recipe


Pan-seared salmon is a quick and tasty seafood main course. It is made with fresh salmon filets seared in a pan with garlic and extra virgin olive oil, blended with white wine and flavored with parsley and freshly ground pepper. Super easy to make, it’s golden-crisp on the the outside and beautiful tender on the inside.

You can make pan-seared salmon whenever you want as it is perfect for any occasion. Customize it according to taste and use your favorite ingredients. This recipe is an even easier variant of the classic broiled salmon and it is possible to use both filets and slices.

The trick to obtain a tender and juicy salmon in a pan is to cook it slowly and over low heat, after the initial browning, avoiding flipping it continuously. It is sufficient to flip it once halfway through cooking, to prevent the meat from flaking. Furthermore, the cooking base must always be moist, so that the fish does not dry out and never stick to the pan.

At the time of cooking, you can blend everything by gradually pouring the maceration liquid. After blending the salmon with the white wine, you can add vegetables to taste, such as cherry tomatoes, black olives, desalted capers, dill, thyme.

Serving Suggestions for Pan-Fried Salmon

Serve it with seasonal vegetables as a side dish, baked potatoes, or as a flavor for pasta, sandwiches, and savory pies.

If you’re using veggies like zucchini, asparagus, or artichokes, cook them separately first, then add them to the salmon in the last few minutes of cooking to combine the flavors.

Cooking Instructions for the Best Pan-Seared Salmon

You may marinade the fish in white wine, lemon (or orange) juice, tamari sauce, and fragrant herbs and spices to taste for an even sweeter and more melting end product.

When creating pan-fried salmon, the skin may be left on.

How to Keep Pan-Seared Salmon Fresh

Pan-fried salmon can be stored in the refrigerator for one day in a glass container. If you have used fresh salmon, the pan-fried salmon can be also frozen.

Cooking Pan-Seared Salmon


Remove any bones from the filet and clean it well with absorbent kitchen paper (1).


Cut the filet into three, four, or even more equal halves, depending on the size of the filet (2).


In a pan, heat a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and brown the garlic for a few seconds, then add the filets skin side up and cook for 2-3 minutes over high heat (3).


Cook the filets in the same manner on the section of the skin that needs to be golden and crispy (4).


Add the chopped fresh parsley and season with salt (5).


After that, pour in the white wine (6).


Allow the white wine to entirely evaporate (7) before lowering the heat and continuing to simmer for a few more minutes.


Season with ground pepper after cooking (8).


Serve the salmon (9), with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil drizzled over the filets.


Bring the pan-fried fish to the table right away and serve (10).

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The “what to serve with pan fried salmon” is a recipe that includes a flavorful and easy-to-make pan seared salmon dish. This recipe is great for any occasion, but especially for dinner parties or romantic dinners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to bake or pan sear salmon?

A: Pan searing salmon is better than baking it. Salmon can be baked or pan-seared, but the latter yields a more delicate and flaky texture that many people prefer.

How does Gordon Ramsay cook salmon in a pan?

A: Gordon Ramsay is a chef and this question has been answered by other chefs, but it can be found on the internet.

What side of salmon do you sear first?

A: The skin is seared over a high heat first before being finished off in the oven at an even lower temperature.

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