Muttai kulambu, egg kulambu recipe, how to make egg curry

Muttai kulambu or kulambu egg, a tasty and delicious Tamil curry egg that goes well with rice, chapati, roti or dosa.

muttai kulambu – tamil egg curry

Muttai kulambu is a delicious Tamil-style egg curry that goes great with chapati and rice. Those of you who visit my food blog regularly know that our family loves eggs. It’s been a while since I posted an Indian egg recipe. In Tamil, eggs are called muttai and kulambu is a sauce or curry of fine or thick consistency with balanced flavors, cooked with or without tamarind. Coconut is often used in most kulambu recipes. There are many ways to prepare seasoned eggs, and I often make several traditional Indian regional recipes with eggs. I even have a notebook full of handwritten family recipes that I religiously note down from family members, relatives and friends. Today I am sharing a recipe from my notes, a regional egg curry that goes very well with tiffins like dosa, vada or rice and steamed chapati. If you are a fan of egg curry, you will definitely enjoy the muttai kulambu.

Egg kulambu

Kulambu egg is similar to the pulusu egg from Andhra, a spicy and peppery curry egg prepared with tamarind. Most kulambu dishes contain tamarind, but the current recipe for egg kulambu does not contain tamarind, as tomatoes provide the necessary spiciness. Exotic Indian spices like fennel seeds, black pepper, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon give the dish a seductive and addictive aroma. Kashriki and coconut enhance the flavor and balance the spiciness of red chilies and black pepper. This visually appealing egg dish with its creamy texture can be classified as a comfort dish, especially in rainy weather when served with warm steamed rice. Soul food at its best!

Try this classic Tamil Nadu egg dish. The Muttai Kulambu recipe takes less than 40 minutes from oven to plate. I usually serve this spiced egg with rotis or chapati for brunch or dinner because it’s a great combination.

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How to make a kulamba egg or muttai kulamba

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