Misen Knives and Cookware, Should You Buy?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that most kitchen knives and cookware are made from the same materials, and have a similar design. But are they all made the same? Probably. But can they all be thought of as the same? No. Misen knives and cookware sets use high-quality stainless steel that is hand-forged and won’t rust or corrode. And, you won’t find any plastic in Misen cookware sets either (which is what makes them so lightweight yet so durable).

Are you a knife enthusiast? Do you like to cook? Do you have a kitchen at home? Then you need to get Misen knives and cookware. If you are wondering whether to buy Misen, you should read this blog.

Misen is a very popular brand of kitchen knives and cutlery. Misen Knives and Cookware are some of the most popular products from Misen and they are very popular in the USA. Misen Cookware is a very low price compared to other brands, so is this worth it or should you just shop around?

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Misen is a crowd-funded kitchen ingénue who spams us with Facebook advertisements and other commercial messages. That’s great; we’re all in favor of establishing a brand. At least, that’s what they claim. Their knife is of high quality, similar to items costing twice as much.

This knife company has expanded to include skillets, flatware, and other items. Is it the genuine deal, or is it just a load of hype, or is it somewhere in the middle? That, my friends, is the question we wish to investigate.

It’s Difficult To Get There

The most common complaints seem to be about purchasing the goods and maintaining the Misen website, rather than the items themselves. Based on their many ‘e’ advertising channels, you’d think they’d be smart enough, yet the experience is terribly insufficient.

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One recurrent problem must be separated. Some of their services are still centered on the idea of crowd financing. This implies you get a discount if you get in early, before the goods is really available. Some customers were unsure about this. Others objected to being charged today for a product that was not even available and would not arrive for months. These are more consumer-related issues. Misen’s customer support, on the other hand, seems to be able to resolve these problems ahead of time, making the process more transparent.

There are additional repercussions from the customer service problem. Most notably, discounts that vanish. You’re drawn in, the discount appears on your price, and then vanishes as you pay. Occasionally, a bit too sneakily. Delivery timeframes are inconsistent, and availability is a gamble. In summary, transitioning from a Misen product user to a Misen product owner may be difficult.

Designed with a Knife’s Edge

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Their chef’s blade is their first product and bread butterer. AICHI AUS-10 steel is the technical specification, which is a little higher carbon content steel of average grade that should retain an edge without being too brittle. One group conducted tests and discovered that the hardness rating was far lower than Misen stated. Some people are skeptics about the steel source, wondering if it is the Japanese quality AUS-10 is claimed to be. Knowing that the product is produced in China, it is usual for the bulk steel to be transported from Japan and then the manufacturing to take place in China. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re doing their homework.

What’s more concerning is that they claim that these blades, which start at $65 for an 8″ chef’s blade, are equivalent to knives costing twice as much. Misen’s knife has a stamp on it. A forged Dalstrong or mid-level Henckels may be had for the same price, and a forged Renaissance series from Mercer can be had for $40, both of which have superior blade weight and edge retention. To be honest, we’ve found that Misen can barely keep up with similarly priced products, much alone luxury names.

Why Their Knife Is Still Being Worked On

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For improved edge retention, Misen touts a high carbon content. Typically, the edge that comes out of the box is just acceptable; it requires a few strokes to complete the honing process, or even a short pass on the stone to bring it up to true sharpness. Remember ‘stamped metal?’ The disadvantage is that it has a lower edge retention than forging. So, although they may have a little greater carbon content than certain German blades, a forged knife effectively eliminates that advantage. The blade is lighter, which will benefit certain people, but there are still problems with consistency, such as bulges on the spine and tang, ripples on the blade edge, and so on.

They also claim that the sloping bolster’s shape offers you a stronger pinch hold, but no. Granted, not everyone employs that grip, but working kitchen staff definitely do, and depending on the size of your gloves, this design may potentially make it worse. Instead of squeezing the blade between your thumb and finger, you wind up pinching against yourself as your hand becomes bigger. When you spend a couple of hours cutting and dicing, it makes a difference.

Additional Product Lines

Dutch oven and skillet by misen

Their marketing implies that they are equivalent to similar goods costing twice as much. On their website, an 8″ nonstick skillet costs $45. Sorry, but for nearly $100, this isn’t going to stand up against an All-Clad level skillet. Yes, Misen has a great weight, an excellent surface slip, and a beautiful silicone grip. Longevity is yet to be determined. Again, you can buy a higher quality of cookware from a reputable brand, such as Calphalon, for the same price.

A great choice is their Dutch oven. A conventional lid or one with side handles that doubles as a surface grill are also available. Heavy cast iron is used for the structure, with well-made enamel for the surfaces. Time will tell whether this $165 product can really compete with a $300+ Le Crueset, the gold standard in this category. But the larger question is whether it can stand up against Lodge, the cast iron brand. The Lodge enameled goods are manufactured in China (unlike their other products), but Misen has a high bar to pass at $90 for the same size Dutch oven.

The Complete Final Line

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Misen has a full range of stainless steel and carbon steel cookware, utensils, and accessories for your kitchen. It comes down to a number of things in our experience.

For starters, they don’t compete with goods that cost twice as much. For the most part, they remain competitive with similar-priced goods. Their goods are adequate, providing excellent value in certain areas while providing medium value in others.

They have some design innovation that may work for different people. Their designs are timeless enough that they will remain practical, attractive, and suitable for all levels of cooking.

Is it exaggeration or hype? Both, to some extent. There are some solid features and other parts that we did not really like, like with so many of the items we look at here at.

I have been using the Misen knives and cookware for many years. It is a great product with outstanding performance. If you are looking for a knife set that will give you the highest performance for your money, then the Misen products are for you. They are durable, great looking and will last you a lifetime.. Read more about misen cookware amazon and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Misen pans worth it?

Misen pans are a type of pan that is used to cook food. They are typically made out of stainless steel with a non-stick coating on the inside.

Are Misen products any good?

Misen is a company that makes quality products.

Is the Misen pan safe?

The Misen pan is not safe to use. It does not have a temperature gauge and it is difficult to clean.

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