Masala sevai recipe, how to make masala sevai or masala idiyappam

Recipe Masala Sewai

Masala Sevai

A quick and easy sevai masala recipe that you can use to make a delicious breakfast or evening snack. Today’s Masala Idiyappam or Masala Sevai is an example of an elaborate dish that you can prepare when you are short on time. The simple tomato and green pea masala-based stir-fry has a heady masala aroma, but when mixed immediately, the sevai noodles absorb the excellent flavors and give it a pleasant and addictive taste. This dish can be eaten alone, which makes it a very picky recipe.

masala sevai with vegetables

In our house, we enjoy plain rice noodles or rice noodles as you call them. Better known in the south as idiyappam or sevai rice. Rice is the ingredient that is said to give idiyama its characteristic texture and flavor. Ordinary rice noodles are a staple food in most Tamil households and in Kerala. This traditional breakfast or tiffin has become a common dish and more often than the idli or dosa, it complements our breakfast. You can check out The Basic Idiyappam Recipe that I blogged about earlier.

If I cook idiyappam for dinner with a vegetable dish or a curry egg, the leftover idiyappam is used for breakfast the next morning. There are different types of sevai that you can prepare with leftover idiyappam that can be served as a quick snack, tiffin or breakfast. Some varieties of idiyappam or sevai that I have already mentioned on my blog are bullet sevai (tamarind flavor), vegetable sevai and coconut sevai. You will find more Sevillian recipes in the coming weeks.

Masala Idiyappam

I usually use leftover idiyappam to make sevai rice varieties, but I use instant sevai rice to make sevai masala. If you don’t know how to prepare sevai at home, you can also use store-bought instant rice sevai or rice noodles and strings. Follow package instructions to prepare instant rice noodles. Don’t overcook it or the sevae will have a mush. A tip for getting well-cooked rice noodles is to add a teaspoon of oil to boiling salted water while the rice noodles are cooking.

If you are looking for a quick snack for after school, or a tiffin for the evening, Masala Idiyappam works very well. You don’t need a side dish for sevai, as it is a dish in itself. I hope you will taste this delicious sevai masala and enjoy it as much as we did.

How to prepare the sevai masala recipe

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