Kosambari recipe, moong dal salad

Kosambari is a simple moong dal salad popular in Karnataka, offered to Lord Rama on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami as Neivhyam.


Kosambari is a delicious protein-rich lentil salad that is a staple of kannada cuisine. It is also popular as kosumalli or hesarubele kosambari and is part of any festive meal or wedding reception. In Andhra we call it vadapappu. On the occasion of Sri Rama Navami festival, we offer Lord Rama neer mor of majjiga and vadapappu panakam as neivedhyam. It is also cooked during the Navrati as a fast food. In Andhra, Vadapappu is served with the Khalimidi, a delicacy made from rice flour, and offered to Lord Rama. Wadapapu is nothing but soaked moong dal and Kosambari is a salad made of soaked moong dal, cucumber, fresh coconut leaves and coriander. Definitely festive, but simple.

This is a light but very hearty salad that can only be eaten with a glass of Neer Mor or South Indian buttermilk. It is quick to prepare and very versatile in terms of the ingredients used. The basic recipe for moong dal salad calls for moong dal and cucumber chowder. For variety, you can also add grated carrots and raw mango. Soaking the moong dal makes it more easily digestible and nutritious. The perfect protein-packed salad for those looking to lose weight.

kosambari recipe

This quick folding Karnataka style moong dal salad recipe can be tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves, but it tastes delicious without being tempered. It would be Indian food. The crunch of the cucumber, the sweetness of the coconut and the tangy taste of the lemon balance the earthy lentils and give the dish a delicious flavor and texture. Fresh cilantro adds a touch of color and shine to the salad, giving it a special character. Less is more nutritious and surprisingly delicious vegetarian food. One of the best Indian salad recipes.

Moong Dal Salad in the style of Karnataka

And I must say there is some good stuff in the fridge.

How to prepare a kosambari or moong dal salad recipe

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