Keto Hot Dogs Taste Test – Which is the Best Hot Dog?

Keto Hot Dogs Taste Test – Which is the Best Hot Dog? If you’ve been reading the latest headlines about the ketogenic diet, this may sound like something you have to try. But why is that? What is ketosis?

Jack Frost is the author of the blog ‘Lost Meals’. He was looking for a way to cut back on carbs, so he decided to give the keto diet a try. He also wanted to lose weight, so he decided to give it a go.

Sausages, sausages, steaks…

Whatever you call your hot dogs, they can be an easy and delicious source of protein for your ketogenic lifestyle. I regularly include them in my meal planning because they are affordable, available everywhere and the whole family can enjoy them!

For this hot dog taste test, we tested four brands of unseasoned beef hot dogs, limiting ourselves to the most affordable brands (all hot dogs were purchased from retailers like Walmart, Target, and Aldi).

Our taste test included three generations of hungry Frank fans who want to help you find the tastiest hot dog for your next feast. Here are our honest opinions:

1. Oscar Meyer Natural Selects – AngusUnloaded beef sausages

While the taste of this hot dog was exactly what you’d expect from a sausage (the taste of a baseball game!), the texture was disappointing. It didn’t crack at all when bitten, and was so soft that it fell apart when I tried to cut it up to taste.

This Oscar Meyer Frank hot dog was so salty that we decided it had the highest sodium content of any hot dog. Surprisingly, it contains the lowest amount of sodium of any hot dog we tested (350 mg).

Another odd observation: These hot dogs have withstood grilling while cooking. Look at this:

We even tried moving them to warmer parts of the grill, but there were no grill marks. I’m sure there’s a scientific reason for it, but we had a lot of fun coming up with our own theories! Could it be something with the skin or a difference in fat content?

A clever tester guessed that these hot dogs had the highest fat content based on the feel of fat in the mouth, and she wasn’t wrong.

Nutritional value: 14g fat | 1g carbohydrates | 6g protein | 130 calories

2. Simply Nature Organic – Uncut Beef Hot Dogs

The Simply Nature organic hot dog (available at Aldi) puffed nicely on the grill and curled up a bit at the ends (like an optimistic little hot dog smile). This brand was a kind of inversion of Oscar Meyer. While the texture was excellent, the flavor was only moderate. These sausages had the perfect bite and good crunch, but not quite the flavor you’d expect from a hot dog.

It had a pleasant, light, smoky aroma and unexpected (and rather unwelcome) notes of Old Bay. Although all the hot dogs we tried contained some celery spice, this was the only hot dog where this flavor was really noticeable.

Nutritional value: 10g fat | 1g carbohydrates | 7g protein | 120 calories

3. Hebrew National – All natural unsmoked beef sausages

These uncooked Hebrew National Beef Franks tasted delicious and the texture was perfect. However, the roundness had little effect on the grill and these dogs were the thinnest of all the dogs tested. Those of us who eat hot dogs without a bun had hoped for something bigger.

In addition to its elegant design, this brand was well received by the adult test participants. It should be noted that they were clearly preferred by the children and were the first sample to disappear from the test room. They taste ordinary, said one of our young testers. And when you have a demanding six-year-old, a normal child, that is the highest praise!

Nutritional value: 12g fat | 2g carbohydrates | 6g protein | 140 calories

4. Applegate Natural – Uncut Beef Hot Dogs

Applegate Naturals, an adult favorite, had a smoky, almost sausage-like flavor. They were well roasted and had the firm but juicy texture you expect from a good dog.

We liked that Applegate Naturals uses beef that is raised humanely and without antibiotics. We were also happy to discover that the most delicious hot dog contains no carbs, making it the most keto friendly of macros!

Of all the sausages we tested, only this one had a crispy skin on the outside, which can be a rather controversial feature of hot dogs. In our family, the adults liked this dish, but the kids did not.

Nutritional value : 9g fat | 0g carbohydrates | 7g protein | 110 calories

Our winner:

Applegate Naturals won the title of best diet-friendly product. With its rich flavor, robust texture and lack of macro-calories, this sausage was the clear winner among our adult testers, with the Hebrew National coming in second.

For future parties, we’ll probably stock up on Hebrew Nationals for the kids, since they eat their hot dogs with buns and the slim shape doesn’t bother them. I might also try preparing Applegate brand meat for the kids, as they might like it better without the crispy skin.

These keto hot dog recipes, tips and dinner ideas will keep you coming back for more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hot dogs are best for Keto?

The best hot dogs for Keto are ones that are low in carbs and high in fat. What are the best hot dogs for Keto? The best hot dogs for Keto are ones that are low in carbs and high in fat.

What is the best tasting hot dog brand?

The best tasting hot dog brand is Hebrew National.

Is a hot dog Keto friendly?

Yes, hot dogs are keto friendly.

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