Keto-Friendly Restaurants Offering Free Delivery During Coronavirus

Restaurants are experiencing a surge in orders during what is being called the ‘coronavirus outbreak’ in the US, and many of them are serving up free delivery to help customers make it through the weekend.  Unfortunately, because it’s during the weekend, many delivery drivers are not able to give customers the time they need to prepare the food they ordered.

When the news first broke that people were dealing with a new coronavirus outbreak, people panicked. However, the restaurant industry has been quick to react to the news, and offer customers free delivery at a number of locations. Not all restaurants are offering free delivery, but many are. We’ve put together a list of the restaurants that are, and those that aren’t offering free delivery.

Distract yourself from cooking and cleaning for the night!

If you’re socially out of touch and looking for ways to support your favorite restaurants, this is the perfect day to order takeout.

We will notify you of 8 restaurants offering free delivery and/or special promotions. What’s even better is that all of these restaurants have customizable keto menu options….. That way you don’t have to cook in the evening and still follow a low-carb diet!

You want a hamburger? For a limited time, Burger King is offering free shipping on orders over $20 on the BK website or mobile app. Also, check out the current mobile deals to get a great deal on your next dinner party!

Have one of Chipotle’s Keto Lifestyle Bowls delivered to your home! See you on the 31st. In April, Chipotle is offering free shipping on orders of $10 or more through the Chipotle app or on

Orders are delivered by Chipotle’s delivery kitchen, with its own line of ingredients managed by a dedicated team. When Chipotle food is delivered, a new seal is used to ensure that the food is not touched during delivery.

Have a good night, Zoodles! For a limited time, Olive Garden is offering free family shipping on all orders of $40 or more (minimum order $75 in CA, OR and WA). Call the restaurant to have your favorite dishes delivered!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided! For a limited time, Panera Bread is offering free shipping on orders of $15 or more with the code FREEDELIVERY at checkout.

And only until the 30th. In April, Panera is offering a 20% discount on purchases made with a gift card (the discount is automatically applied at checkout). The 20% discount also applies to electronic gift vouchers, so you can order them for yourself and receive them directly in your mailbox!

Deliver your favorite Asian dishes! For a limited time, enjoy free shipping on ANY order at P.F. Chang’s when you order online or through the app.

Would you rather pick up your order? Up to 30 years. During April, you will receive a 15% discount on your take-out or take-away order by using the code 15TOGO at checkout.

Get up! For a limited time, you can have Starbucks delivered for free by Uber Eats (participating locations only). Small orders of less than $10 will be charged.

Also keep in mind that prices for Starbucks items purchased through Uber Eats may be higher than in-store or on the label.

For a limited time, Subway is offering free delivery in select areas via Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, GrubHub – no code needed!

If you order takeaway, you can take advantage of a special offer: buy two Footlong servings and get one free!

Don’t think about the bun! Up to 30 years. In April, Taco Bell is offering free shipping on or through the Grubhub app on all first orders of $12 or more (before taxes, tips and fees).

Want a snack? Up to 30 years. This April, your favorite 7-Eleven snacks and drinks will be delivered absolutely free when you order through the mobile app – just use the promo code FREE4U at checkout!

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