Keto Common Smelly Side Effects & How to Fix Them

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that I am a big proponent of the ketogenic diet. But did you know that just about every facet of the keto lifestyle has their negative side effects? From stinky breath to bad breath, to dry skin and more, everyone is familiar with the smellier side of keto. So, if you’ve been on this diet, how did you deal with all the side effects?

We all have those annoying side effects to Keto that we all hate. That is why we need to know how to fix them. Keto can cause all kinds of side effects, so find out what they are and how to overcome them.

Have you noticed that the keto_COPY smells a little… stinky?

The ketogenic diet (keto), which is high in fats and low in carbohydrates, has significant health benefits for those who dare to defy traditional dietary recommendations. However, when you first switch to fat fuel, you may experience temporary side effects as your body develops new mechanisms to burn the high-octane fuel we call fat.
With a little patience and adjustment, your body will get used to a fat burning machine and these side effects will often lessen or disappear altogether.

Odors – Dragon’s Breath, O.B. and Stinky Urine

Bad breath (also called dragon breath)

One of the three types of ketones our bodies produce when we eat fat is acetone – yes, it’s a substance found in nail polish remover, but don’t worry, it’s a normal part of overall fat metabolism and a sign that ketosis is working. Excess acetone is released during respiration and is responsible for the fruity odor of the solvent.

  • Drink more water. Dry mouth + ketone breath = dragon breath! Adequate fluid intake promotes saliva production and prevents bacteria from entering the mouth.
  • Swallowing peppermint oil. It may be more effective than mouthwash, but it only masks the problem and doesn’t solve it.
  • Get moving. More exercise helps to burn off excess ketones and use them up.
  • Do you smell ammonia? Ammonia is formed from nitrogen, nitrogen from proteins. If you smell ammonia, you may be ingesting too much protein.
  • Be patient. Ketone respiration is a sign that you have not yet fully adapted to fat. Over time, your body will adapt and start burning ketones as fuel instead of spitting them out, so have a sugar-free mint and keep going.

B.O. (Body odour)

A new diet, new fuel, a new metabolism and hormonal changes can all contribute to your underarms smelling stronger than usual….. This phenomenon usually subsides and becomes normal after a few weeks of ketone life.

  • Don’t skip showers.
  • Apply deodorant.
  • Keep your hands down.
  • And be patient.

foul-smelling urine (urine)

Like acetone, acetoacetate is another type of ketone that is excreted by the body when not used. However, instead of being inhaled, this ketone is excreted in the urine. Did you notice dark purple ketones on the urine strips at first, but after a few weeks they mysteriously disappeared? The good news is that this means your body is adapting and learning to use ketones as fuel!

  • Make sure you drink enough water. One additional note: Urine ketone strips are affected by dehydration, causing the strips to darken due to ketone concentration – drink more water!
  • Oh, and did I mention you need to be patient?


Be patient, drink water, eat a sugar-free mint, take a shower, and keto!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does keto give you bad body odor?

Some people report that they have a bad body odor after starting keto. This is likely due to the fact that keto can cause a change in your diet and your body’s metabolism. If you are experiencing bad body odor, try adding more water to your diet and drinking more.

What are the negative side effects of ketosis?

The most common negative side effects of ketosis are dehydration, constipation, and bad breath.

What does ketosis pee smell like?

The smell of ketosis pee is often described as a fruity, sweet smell.

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