Italian Rum Baba (Babà al Rum)

This delicious Italian dessert is traditionally made by simmering fruit in rum for a few hours until it becomes soft and thick. The base of this cake is usually prepared with eggs, flour, sugar, water and zest from orange or lemon. It’s incredibly easy to make and doesn’t require any special ingredients that you might not have on hand.

Rum baba is a traditional Italian dessert. It is made by layering chocolate cake with rum-flavored whipped cream and dusted with cocoa powder. The cake is then soaked in rum before serving.

Italian Rum Baba (Babà al Rum)

The Italian rum baba, or babà al rum, is a typical dessert of the Neapolitan tradition. It is a leavened sponge cake which is baked in a classic fluted mold – or in individual aluminum cups for the single-portion version – and then generously soaked in a sticky, citrus-scented rum syrup.

Neapolitan rum baba is a soft, moist dessert with a markedly alcoholic taste, which can be decorated with whipped cream, custard and fresh fruit. With a melting texture and an irresistible flavor, you can find it in any Italian pastry shop and serve it whenever you want.

Rum baba is a sweet dessert from France that was brought to Naples by monsù, French-trained chefs who worked for rich Neapolitan households in the 19th century. Along with sfogliatella, pastiera, and zeppole, it is now one of the regional dessert emblems.

For an impeccable result, it is important to use fresh, good quality ingredients. Separate and beat the cold eggs during the mixing phases and gradually incorporate them as the mixture absorbs them. Only by waiting patiently for the right moment you will be able to achieve the perfect texture.

The rum baba will reward you for your efforts, and you will bring a delicacy to the table that will satisfy even the most discerning visitor.

Advice on how to make Babà al Rum

Using proper molds, you may construct a single rum baba cake or individual servings.

Like all traditional recipes, there are different variants and each family has its own secret version.

You may substitute limoncello for baba in a different recipe.

Instead of whipped cream, diplomat cream or chocolate may be used to adorn rum baba.

Baba Neapolitan Rum: How to Store It

The Neapolitan baba can be stored in the refrigerator, covered with a sheet of cling film, for 1-2 days.

Freezing isn’t a good idea.

How to Make Rum Baba in Italy


3 eggs in one dish, 3 eggs in another (1).


To get a homogenous and somewhat uniform mixture, beat them together (2).


Combine the dry yeast and Manitoba flour in the stand mixer bowl and set aside. After that, add the sugar (3).


Use the leaf to operate the stand mixer and pour in the first batch of eggs (4).


As the dough absorbs the second dosage, continue to work and progressively integrate it in two or more stages (5). The flaky butter is next added, followed by the salt.


Grease a 20 cm diameter mold, paying special attention to the grooves (6).


When the dough seems bright and elastic, pour it (7).


Cover with cling film and let to rise for approximately 90 minutes in a covered area (8).


Remove the film (9) and bake in a warmed static oven at 190° C (374° F) for approximately 25 minutes, or until the mixture has nearly reached the edge of the mold.


Meanwhile, make the syrup by combining the water and sugar in a saucepan, adding a pinch of lemon peel (10) and heating until fully dissolved.


Remove from the heat and stir in the rum (11). Allow it to cool fully before using.


Take the baba out of the oven and let it aside to cool (12).


Brush the edges with a thin-bladed knife to turn it out, then flip it over (13).


Place it in a large mixing basin and drizzle the syrup on both sides (14). Then softly massage it like a sponge, flip it over on the driest areas, and wait for it to absorb the rum syrup fully.


Transfer the baba to a serving plate, being careful not to break it, and garnish with whipped cream wisps (15).


It should be kept refrigerated until ready to serve (16).

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The “rum baba recipe masterchef” is a dessert that originated in Italy. The dish has been around for a long time. It is made of rum, eggs, sugar, flour and butter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a baba in Italy?

A: A baba is a type of pastry that is made out of phyllo dough, honey and nuts. Its often eaten during the holidays such as Easter or Christmas in Italy.

Where do rum babas originate from?

A: Rum babas originated in the Caribbean and Mexico.

Are rum babas alcoholic?

A: No, rum babas are not alcoholic.

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