Hot Yuzu Sauce Review –

I just got my hands on one of the hottest sauces in town. Yuzu Hot Sauce has been popping up all over social media, and I thought it was time for me to give you a review!
Yuzu is not only delicious but also packed with flavor so if you’re looking for something new this summer or want to spice things up at your next BBQ, check out!.

“Hot Yuzu Sauce Red” is a hot sauce that is made with yuzu, red bell pepper, and salt. It has a spicy flavor and is perfect for dipping vegetables or chicken. Read more in detail here: hot yuzu sauce red.

Hot Yuzu Sauce Review -

Do you want your sauce to have a zesty tang to it? Yuzu Sauce with a Kick from Muso From Japan delivers in spades. It’s got that fresh and zingy lemony freshness, but does that “zing” also contain a well-balanced chili pepper bite? And, with its strong citrus flavor, how useful is it? We delve inside this one-of-a-kind pepper sauce to reveal all of this and more.


Hot Yuzu Sauce

Hot Yuzu Sauce


The name is self-explanatory. The zesty taste of yuzu fruit is combined with the spiciness of chili peppers in this Hot Yuzu Sauce. It has a distinct taste that is both lemony and flowery, making it ideal for fish, shellfish, and fowl. 

Heat Level: Moderate


  • The taste is zesty and aromatic, and it’s one of a kind.
  • Mild spiciness that is suitable for the whole family
  • It goes well with seafood.


  • Increased salt intake
  • Some people may not like the tart taste.

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Let’s start with the components for the Hot Yuzu Sauce. Distilled vinegar, yuzu citrus pepper (yuzu zest, chili pepper, and salt), chili pepper, and sea salt are the components.

There are some recurring themes here (chili pepper and salt), but first, what exactly is a yuzu? Many people are unfamiliar with this fruit. Yuzu is a citrus fruit that is popular in Asian nations and has a taste that is similar to “all citrus wrapped into one.” It tastes like a combination of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange all at once.

When compared to other citrus zests, yuzu zest (which is utilized in this sauce) is rather powerful. And you’ll find that right up front. Initially, you’ll detect a citrus flavor with a strong vinegar punch. It’s a tart start (with a touch of aromatic florality), but it never quite crosses the line into sour. On the back end, there’s a perceptible salinity and a spiciness from the chili peppers.

To see whether you’ll enjoy the taste of Hot Yuzu Sauce, do this easy litmus test: If you like the flavor of lemon, you’ll like this dish. If you don’t, Hot Yuzu Sauce may feel a little too much on your tongue.

This isn’t a low-sodium sauce by any means, with 150 milligrams of sodium per teaspoon (6 percent of your daily intake). However, since it’s tangy, you shouldn’t eat more than a teaspoon at a time.

Hot Yuzu Sauce on a spoona spoonful of hot yuzu sauce

Temperature Harmony

The chili peppers used in the manufacture of Hot Yuzu Sauce aren’t specified on the label, and they’re not near the top of the ingredients list. And that’s OK; the yuzu is the star of this sauce, so any heat complements it, and any chili pepper flavor subtlety fits perfectly behind the yuzu’s lemony taste.

Hot Yuzu Sauce is somewhat spicy in general. It’s not as light as certain super-mild hot sauces, but it’s no match for Tabasco or other low-medium intensity hot sauces used on a daily basis.

On the back end, the chili pepper spiciness reaches you, but it’s not overpowering. Your tongue will warm up, and you’ll feel a sting in the back of your throat, but it won’t last long. I could eat three to four teaspoons of this stuff back-to-back and not be bothered by the heat. The tartness is to blame for a lot of it. It pushes the chili pepper heat to the background of the taste profile, and it clears it away swiftly.


Fish (filets and shellfish) spring to mind as ideal candidates for using Hot Yuzu Sauce. It’s the lemony taste, and it goes well with many sorts of seafood. Seriously, for oysters, this is now my go-to sauce. I also like having this on hand as a substitute for soy sauce when making sushi. It has a nice lemon and vinegar edge to it.

The citrus and flowery flavors complement chicken and veggies well. It has the ability to transform something ordinary into something extraordinary. But keep in mind that it may sometimes be overwhelming. If your food already has a lot of subtle flavors, the citrusy flavor of Hot Yuzu Sauce may overpower them all.

Also, keep in mind that Hot Yuzu Sauce is quite watery. Before using, give it a good shake, since the end of the bottle may be much more strong than the beginning. And take it easy on the pour. Because the spout aperture is shaped like a key, it gives you some control over the pouring, but not as much as a dasher-style spout would.


Because Hot Yuzu Sauce is more of a “sauce with spice” than a hot sauce, it may not be the first choice for a collector. But don’t forget about it. The taste is distinct — it’s not for everyone — but it’s a great sauce to have on hand when you want to do something new. It’s a whole different experience.

This is more of a substitute for other sauces (like soy sauce) than for spicy sauces, therefore it meets a completely different need in the kitchen.

The Score

The name is self-explanatory. The zesty taste of yuzu fruit is combined with the spiciness of chili peppers in this Hot Yuzu Sauce. It has a distinct taste that is both lemony and flowery, making it ideal for fish, shellfish, and fowl.

Overall Taste 4.5
Temperature Harmony 4
Usability 4
Collectibility 4
X-Factor 4

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) (highest)

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Trader Joe’s Yuzu Hot Sauce is a hot sauce that uses yuzu, which is a type of citrus fruit. The sauce has a bright, tart flavor with hints of lemon and lime. It’s not too sweet or spicy. Reference: trader joe’s yuzu hot sauce uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does hot yuzu sauce taste like?

A: I am not equipped to taste anything.

What is yuzu sauce good for?

A: Yuzu sauce is a type of citrus paste often used in Japanese cuisine. It can be added to marinades and sauces, as well as soups, curries, and stews.

Where can I use yuzu hot sauce?

A: Yuzu hot sauce is a local Austin product and we are not sure where you can find it.

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