Hate Oily Natural Peanut Butter? Clever Hacks You’ll Love

Being a natural peanut butter lover, you probably already know that the more natural peanut butters you use, the less likely they are to have that oh-so-welcome, nutty flavor that has driven you to buy them in the first place. But, a natural peanut butter lover also knows that the more “natural flavors” they use in their peanut butter, the less natural the taste. If you need to use natural peanut butter and you’re absolutely not going to use a natural peanut butter with all natural ingredients, try one of these hacks.

When you’re on a diet, you want to eat foods that are satisfying, but you also want to leave behind foods that make you feel guilty. There are tons of delicious peanut butter recipes that make you feel as if you’re eating something that’s good for you, but they all contain natural peanut butter. It’s high in calories and fat, and it’ll make you feel guilty as an ox to eat it. Here are some other great nut butters out there which make it easy to get the benefits of peanut butter without the guilt.

Oily natural nut butter gotcha down?

I set out to solve that issue with a few clever natural nut butter hacks I discovered. I tried each of these hacks and rated them based on ease of use, outcome, and how long the nut butter remain mixed. Check out my winners (and losers)!

Let’s talk all-natural nut butter texture.

I’m not a fan. It’s kind of a hassle to stir with a knife or spoon, and it’s not appealing to look at all. Plus it’s messy and splatters down the sides. My kids are less likely to eat this style of peanut butter, so I’ve been thinking of solutions to combat this issue.

Plus, because high-quality natural nut butter can be spendy, I need to LOVE it!

Let’s test some natural nut butter hacks!

I know that lots of keto households eat some kind of natural nut butter, so today I’m testing out a few common hacks from the internet to see which works to combat the oily separation at the top!

1. Store the nut butter jars upside down.

A lot of folks swear by this hack online, and it makes sense. I turned a couple of my nut butter jars upside down to test. I came back the next day, and the oil was at the bottom as anticipated, but I still didn’t love the thick glob in the middle and overall consistency. It still felt and looked separated.

Result: FAIL.

The texture was still off, and there was still a glob of hard nut butter in the middle.

2. Use a peanut butter lid mixer.

This old-fashioned peanut mixer from amazon.com is a lid assembly with a hole that fits the crank mixer. I bought one that fit a 16oz. wide mouth can. I don’t have the patience to sit there and stir for a long time, so for me, this wasn’t a great solution. It’s also a bummer you’d have to match a lid size to your nut butter – and nut butter container sizes vary so much.

Result: MEH.

Not as impressed as the reviews stated. It works about as well as stirring with a knife, but it’s not worth the money in my opinion.

3. Use a hand mixer.

For this experiment, I transferred all of my nut butter into a separate small mixing bowl and whipped it up using one beater with my electric hand mixer. (I didn’t have a big enough nut butter jar on hand to fit my single beater, but you may be able to fit yours right inside the jar.) This clever trick worked instantly and brilliantly, and I was able to quickly whip up soft, spreadable almond butter perfection. I’m happy to say it surprisingly stays that way, too!

Result: PASS.

I LOVED this simple hack! Plus most people have a hand mixer on hand. It was well worth the minimal effort!

4. Use a hand immersion blender.

I was most excited to try this easy hack because I love my Cuisinart immersion blender. I placed it it right inside my jar of Laura Scudder’s brand natural peanut butter. I turned on the speed to low, and I moved it in a gentle, up and down motion. Guess what? It worked brilliantly! The peanut butter was smooth and delicious. Folks, this idea was a WINNER!

Result: PASS.

My immersion blender worked perfectly with no mess, and it took less than a minute. This was my favorite hack!

5. Bonus Tip: Pour off some of the top oil (and save it)!

Sometimes natural nut butter is runny, even when stirred. When that happens, pour some of the oil into a small jar to keep. Then add it back in as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix oily peanut butter?

To fix oily peanut butter, mix in a tablespoon of flour or cornstarch with a tablespoon of water.

Why is natural peanut butter so oily?

Natural peanut butter is made from roasted peanuts, which are high in oil.

Is there an easy way to mix natural peanut butter?

Yes, you can use a blender or food processor to mix the natural peanut butter.

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