Gutti dondakaya recipe | Andhra style stuffed tindora fry using kura podi

Gutti dondakaya, a simple but delicious recipe indhra style, a stuffed climbing squash prepared with kurapodi (curry powder).

Gutti Dondakaya

Andhra’s cuisine has a wide range of stuffed vegetable dishes. Vegetables like vankaya (brinjal/baygan), bendakaya (okra/bhindi), dondakaya (ivy/tindora squash) and kakarakaya (bitter gourd/karela) are ideal for stuffed dishes. Gutti dondakaya is one of those traditional vegetarian vantalu from Andhra (read this as cooking) which has so many variations as amma/nanamma (grandmother) in Andhra. This is not restaurant style Indian food, but real everyday food, cooked in Telugu homes.

Ivy pumpkin a.k.a. Tindora, halved and filled with curapodi

I am sharing a precious dondakaya recipe indhra style. People either love or hate dondakayas. Dondacaya is incredibly delicious when cooked properly. It all depends on how you turn this little vegetable into a tasty dish, the way I like to eat it. To cook this vegetarian delicacy from Andhra, choose a tender and slightly plump dish. It’s so delicious and so easy to prepare that you’ll want to make it part of your daily menu for lunch or dinner. Even your children will appreciate this dish.

I love this vegetarian dondakaya recipe because the homemade kurapodi (filling) is filled with a wonderful assortment of ingredients like seeds, spices, copra and lentils. This topping has a very good balance of spice and a subtle sweetness to it, neither of which trumps the other. While preparing the filling, you can double the ingredients of the kurapodi and prepare an extra curry filling for later use. You can keep the kura podi in the fridge to use as a garnish for gutti wankaya instead of dondakaya. It’s a versatile spice mix that can cut down on cooking time if you have a ready-made kurapodi.

The key to delicious gutti dondakaya is hash, or chicken podi

Dried red chillies, dried coconut, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, sesame seeds and Bengali chickpeas form the backbone of Gutti Dondakaya. It all depends on the roasting of the spices used for the garnish. When roasted to a beautiful golden brown, there is a subtle aroma in the air that will fill your kitchen. You have to be careful not to burn them. Fry them on low heat.

You must choose a tender, long climbing squash or you will compromise the overall flavor of the dish. I like that the ingredients of the treatment, although minimal, play an important role. Yes, fresh curry leaves and asafoetida spice up the flavor profile of the dish. Slightly spicy, but overall a well-balanced blend of spices. Finally, we need to cook the stuffed dondakaya on a low heat so that it absorbs all the flavors.

It is not necessary to garnish the last dish. I sprinkled some chopped cilantro leaves for visual appeal during the shoot.

gutti dondakaya endhra style

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It’s a gem of a dondakaya recipe and you have to try it. You can come back later and thank me.

Gutti dondakaya veppudu

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