Butter Cookies Recipe

Everyone loves a good snack. If you’re looking for one that is delicious, easy to make and not too expensive then these butter cookies are perfect! They take just minutes to whip up and will satisfy your sweet tooth in no time.

The “old fashioned butter cookie recipe” is a classic and simple recipe for butter cookies. It is the perfect dessert to make when you want to show your love for someone special.

Butter Cookies Recipe

Butter cookies are a superb home pastry classic, a very fragrant dish with a fantastic taste. Butter cookies feature crisp borders and a buttery, melting-soft inside, making them ideal as a Christmas gift.

Sprinkled with powdered sugar or served with a cup of tea, they’re great for breakfast, a snack, or a sweet treat at the end of the meal.

They’re easy to prepare, requiring just flour, butter, sugar, and a touch of baking powder to make them even more crumbly. They will enchant youngsters and adults alike with their lovely perfume, which is flavored with lemon peel and vanilla essence. The dough may be prepared ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator for at least a couple of days, covered in cling film.

So, let’s learn how to make butter cookies by following our step-by-step instructions and suggestions.

Cookies with butter vs. cookies with sugar

Because sugar cookies have a tougher structure, they are generally rolled extremely thinly and then cut using a cookie cutter.

Butter cookies, on the other hand, can keep their form during baking owing to their soft and adaptable dough.

Shortbread Cookies vs. Butter Cookies

Butter biscuits resemble shortbread cookies in appearance, however they vary in terms of sugar content and baking temperature. Shortbread cookies need less sugar and a higher oven temperature. Butter cookies demand more sugar and a higher oven temperature. Furthermore, since their dough does not crumble, it is more adaptable.

Variations on Butter Cookies

Dip the prepared cookies in melted chocolate and let them to cool for a chocolate variant. Sprinkle rainbow sprinkles on top to make them even more enjoyable.

Instead of vanilla essence, use an equivalent quantity of vanilla bean paste for a speckled effect. A strong vanilla taste will pervade the cookies.

Make your own cookie sandwiches by filling them with Nutella or melted chocolate (dark or white).

You may make the cookies in whatever form you choose, such as round or rectangular, or use molds.

You may add chocolate chips to the dough or flavor it with your preferred spices or grated orange zest.

You may also use royal icing to make a lovely Christmas present.

Advice on Making the Best Butter Cookies

When making this cookie recipe, it’s recommended to use unsalted butter.

Because they are butter cookies, only the finest butter should be used. Use butter instead of margarine!

Make sure the butter and sugar are well combined by beating them for at least 5 minutes. The creamed mixture should be light yellow and fluffy, since this will result in light and crispy cookies (as opposed to dense).

The cookies may sometimes spread too much in the oven, losing their form. To avoid this, chill the baking sheet containing unbaked cookies for approximately half an hour before baking.

How to Keep Butter Cookies Fresh

Butter cookies may be kept for a couple of weeks at room temperature in a tin box. 

Is it possible to freeze Butter Cookies?

Yes! Butter cookies may be frozen for up to three months.


Using a knife, cut the butter into cubes (1).


Collect them in a bowl (2) and let them to soften for a few minutes at room temperature.


Pour the sugar in (3).


Working swiftly with your fingers, gather as many huge crumbs as possible (4).


Whip the mixture with an electric whisk (5) until it becomes soft and creamy.


Stir in the remaining egg (6).


Season with salt (7).


Vanilla extract is used to provide flavor (8).


Lemon zest (grated) is used to add flavor (9).


Mix gently with a spatula (10).


Pour in the flour that has been sifted (11).


Pour in the baking powder (12).


Mix the ingredients together with the spatula (13).


Continue to rapidly knead the dough with your hands (14).


Form a compact dough, cover it in plastic wrap, and spread it out with a rolling pin until you have a 1 cm thick square (15). Allow it to cool for an hour in the refrigerator.


After the shortcrust pastry has rested, flatten it out into a sheet approximately 5 mm thick (16).


With the pastry cutter you’ve picked, make a lot of cookies (17). Continue to knead the crumbs and create more cookies until the dough is completed. You will get around 40 pieces in total.


Transfer the cookies to a baking pan coated with parchment paper (18) and bake for approximately 12 minutes at 180° C (356° F) in a vented oven on the medium rack.


Remove the cookies from the oven when the baking time has passed, sprinkle them with powdered sugar (19), and set them aside to cool.


(20) Serve and enjoy!

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The “soft butter cookies recipe” is a dessert that is made with softened butter in the dough. The dough will be rolled out and cut into shapes, then baked until golden brown.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between butter cookies and shortbread cookies?

A: Butter cookies are very soft and crumbly. Shortbread cookies are more tender and crunchy because they use more flour, sugar, butter and egg yolks than the general recipe.

What is the difference between butter cookies and sugar cookies?

A: Butter cookies are made with butter, while sugar cookies are made with granulated sugar. They both contain the same amount of ingredients and have the same end result in the oven. The difference is that they use different amounts of fat to create their doughs as well as how much flour they use.

What are the ingredients of butter cookies?

A: The ingredients for butter cookies are flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, shortening or vegetable oil and eggs.

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