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The Bhindi stir-fry recipe, an easy and healthy everyday sauce based on dry okra from North India, which is perfect as a side dish with rice and chapati and is also vegan.


Very often I make okra or lady sticks because it is one of our family’s favorite vegetables. I love bindi. I like to make it, eat it and serve it. Bindi is a staple of Indian cuisine and appears in almost all Indian regional dishes as a stir-fry, curry, masala, stuffed or fried dish. I usually make French fries, which I make every time I make a bindi. But I always come back to a very simple, super easy bindi fry recipe that is a family favorite. It goes well with rice, curdled milk and chapati.

Whatever dish my grandmother prepared with these nutritious vegetables, it was absolutely delicious. With less oil and minimum ingredients, she has managed to make very tasty bindi recipes. Even the most ardent opponents of bindie would become fans of this ugly vegetable overnight. His bindi roast was to die for. Every time she made a crispy bindi, I ate it with curdled milk and rice, and nothing else. Pure manna from heaven!

Indian fries

This simple recipe for fried bindi with onions and garlic. The only spices are turmeric powder and chili powder. A minimum of seasoning is used to bring out the flavor of the vegetables. Less here. This unbound sabji is rich in nutrients and flavor.

The key to making deliciously simple Indian bindi fries

Always wash and dry the bindi before cutting it. Cut the top and back of each bindi/oak. Cut the okra into 1 bite and place on a plate for a few minutes, about 3-4 minutes, to keep it moist.
Cook the okra over high heat for the first 3 minutes, then turn the heat down low to medium-high heat. Do not put the lid on while the bindi is cooking.
Add lemon juice or a spoonful of buttermilk for the first few minutes to reduce mucus.
Don’t mix bindis too often as they will become sticky.
Add salt at the end of cooking.

This dry fried bindi sauté is a good accompaniment to chapati, fulka and rice. For those of you who are interested in Indian style bindi recipes, you can check out the recipe for Punjabi style bindi masala, bharwa bhindi, andhra fried okra, hairy bendakaya andhra, aloo bhindi, bhindi do piaza, bhindi sambharia.

Even those who don’t like okra will enjoy this bindi stir fry, which I would describe as one of the best of the healthy okra recipes. Also vegetarian. Try frying the okra. If you do, please share your comments and photos of bhindi fry in the blog comments or on social media. I’d like to see her. You can find me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram.

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