Apple Crumble Cheesecake Recipe

This is a classic apple crumble cheesecake recipe that I think you will enjoy. It’s easy to make and tastes delicious!

This recipe is a delicious dessert that can be made in no time. It’s a great alternative to the traditional apple crumble cheesecake, and it’s easy to make.

How can you pick between apple crumble and cheesecake?! That was our problem before we settled on this delectable Apple Crumble Cheesecake. When you have a dessert but can’t decide what to make, combining two sweets is the perfect answer. This may well become one of your new favorite desserts if you like a warm apple crumble but like the richness of cheesecake. It blends a traditional apple crumb cake with a creamy cheesecake, which is particularly popular in the autumn.

The dessert has a lot of apple flavor and a lot of crunch from both the biscuit foundation and the crumb on top! A delicate cheesecake filling is made with cream cheese, and fresh apples are cooked till tender and caramelized. Cinnamon provides the comforting warmth that you’d expect from an apple crumble. This is a dessert you’ll certainly want to prepare this autumn!


Apple Crumble Cheesecake Recipe

There are four parts to this cheesecake. The apples must first be prepped. Apples are peeled and diced and cooked with sugar until they soften and caramelize. Allow them to cool completely before using.

Crushed biscuits and melted butter are combined to make the biscuit layer. To make a base, it’s pushed into the pan. To make the filling, mix together the cream cheese and the other filling ingredients until smooth.

Finally, the crumb is made, which will be used in the dessert’s “apple crumble.” These four ingredients are stacked into a cake pan and cooked till done.



Replace the crumble topping with a caramel but topping for a no-bake variation.

Apple Crumble Cheesecake bars are made by baking the desserts on a rectangle baking pan and then cutting them into squares.

You may save time by using a cheesecake box mix for the filling.

You may use whatever apple you like. Royal Gala apples, as well as tart Granny Smith apples, will work.


What Is The Best Way To Store Apple Crumble Cheesecake?

You may keep the Apple Crumble Cheesecake in the fridge for up to 3 days once it has fully cooled.

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Apples should be peeled and diced.


In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the diced apples, lemon juice, cinnamon, and sugar.


Cook until the apples begin to soften and caramelize.


Combine the almond flour, flour, butter, and sugar in a separate mixing dish. Mix the ingredients with your hands until they resemble crumbs.


Using a wooden rolling pin, crush the biscuit crumbs and place them in a mixing dish. Mix in the melted butter completely.


Fill the baking pan halfway with biscuit crumbs and push down with a spatula.


Using a spatula, distribute the cooked apples evenly over the biscuit foundation.


Combine the cream cheese, powdered sugar, and lemon juice for the filling.


In the cake pan, pour the filling over the cooked apples.


The flour crumb should be placed on top of the filling.


Fill a big baking pan halfway with water and place the mold inside. Bake for 30 minutes at 320°F, 30 minutes at 250°F, and 10 minutes at 380°F.


Before removing the cheesecake from the oven and serving it, let it cool.

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