Angry Goat’s Hippy Dippy Hot Sauce, a few tomatoes, kiwis and agave nectar with hot fried chili. Unique? Absolutely. Nice? I’m sure you do. But how do all these flavors mix, like the Verde sauce? And what’s the real point of Hippie Dippie? Too sweet? Really? Let’s see what’s behind it by dipping it in some spicy goat pastry.


Let’s go straight to the list of sweet and hot ingredients for Hippy Dippy Hot Sauce: Jalapeno pepper, sulfurano pepper, lime juice, grilled tomato, kiwi, agave nectar, avocado, tequila, olive oil, garlic grains, sea salt, onion powder, cumin, black pepper and fresh coriander.

As you can see, the Hippy Dippy is a unique variant of the hot sauce. Roasted tomatoes are at the top and in the middle of that list, and kelp is all there. They provide a good acid balance so that the sweetest side of this sauce does not dominate the rest.

By the way, darling: The agave is here, but the top corner is the kiwi and the avocado.

I’ve never had a hot sauce where kiwi was one of the main ingredients on the list and I didn’t know what to expect. It enhances this sweet taste by also adding a fruity flavour without completely removing the flavour. Avocado also gives the sauce an earthy sweetness and a natural creamy note. It’s delicious everywhere.

Tequila, black pepper and cumin make the sauce more complex – and, to be honest, make the sauce much more balanced at the first bite (where sweetness comes first). When the roasted sweet pepper fills the taste profile, you can really feel its depth. Sweet, fruity, fiery and earthy – it’s all there.

A quick note about the nation: Hippy Dippy Hot Sauce contains 22 mg per teaspoon or 1% of the daily portion. It is not a low sodium sauce in terms of numbers, but the sauce certainly does not bend to the salty taste.

Angry Goat Hippie Hot Goat Sauce

Heat balance

Here are the peppers jalapeños (2,500 to 8,000 Scoville hot blocks) and serranos (10,000 to 23,000 SHU.) The Hippy Dippy Hot Sauce lands where you would expect these two roasted peppers to land for a high quality, balanced hot sauce: about 2,300 SHU. This brings it in line with the original hot tabasco sauce (2,500 SHU) for comparison purposes. Not too hot, not too soft. It is built on a very edible heat.

Still, the hippie-dip is a little mean. First you’re greedy, then the heat comes from behind. However, this heat doesn’t last more than about a minute since you stopped eating. It’s only in the beginning that it might surprise you.

Ease of use

Hippy Dippy hot sauce is relatively thick, so you can use the whole as a sauce. There is no sauce for the washing machine – it’s a sauce that you put a layer in and it works with a surprising amount of product. Delicious on eggs, pork, chicken and anything else in Verde’s hot sauce.

As a sauce à la Verde, Hippy Dippy goes well with all kinds of Mexican dishes. I really liked it as sauce for my enchiladas. I covered the enchilada with about three tablespoons of Hippy-Dippie, and was happy with the punch and the sweet shovel he added.

Collection capacity

This label is so much fun! Who doesn’t like hippie turtles? That pretty much sums up how you take care of the first bite – completely relaxed and happy. It stands out under a packet of hot sauces by the cartoon turtle alone. And if you show them next to a spicy hippopotamus sauce made with filthy purple goat’s cheese, it’s already a collectible bomb or two. It is a brand that distinguishes itself both in terms of labelling and in terms of unique ingredient pairs.


Angry Goat Hippy Dippy Hot Sauce is a delicious variation on the Verde sauce. The kiwi, agave and avocado give a fruity and earthy touch to the tomatillo seaweed. It is also very spicy, making it a light hot sauce for daily use.

General Taste 4
Heat balance 4
Usability 4
Possibility of registration 4.5
X Factor 4

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

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