8 Handy Substitutes For Strega In Drinks

The “strega substitute” is a drink that has been around for centuries. It is traditionally made with herbs and spices like anise, fennel, and saffron. The “8 Handy Substitutes For Strega In Drinks” includes some great alternatives to this classic recipe.

Strega, also known as an Italian herbal liqueur that was once considered the most expensive in the world.
Dropping in popularity for decades, it is now made by one of Italy’s largest producers and can be found on many table next to a bottle of wine or two… Here are 8 substitutes you should try!


Strega is a bittersweet, herbaceous Italian liqueur with a vivid yellow hue and a characteristic bittersweet, herbaceous taste. It’s popular as a digestif, but it’s also great in cocktails like the Witch Hunt, the Italian Toolbag, and the Singapore Sling.

If you don’t have any Strega, you’ll need to get some. There are a few possibilities that will produce a comparable sort of drink, despite the fact that it has a distinct taste profile that can’t be fully replicated. Continue reading for a list of Strega replacements that are wonderful on their own or in a cocktail.

What can I substitute for Strega?

Yellow Chartreuse, Galliano, Dolin Genepy des Alps, Benedictine, or Jägermeister are all good substitutes for Strega. The aromatics utilized to produce them all vary somewhat, but they’ll all go well in your next Italian Coffee or Americano in Benevento drink.

1. Chartreuse Yellow

If you need to replace Strega, the best alternative is to get a bottle of Yellow Chartreuse. They’re both golden liqueurs with similar botanicals and a similar price point.

Use these beverages interchangeably in cocktails like the Acapulco No.2 Cocktail and the Autumn Leaves, but bear in mind that their tastes aren’t quite the same. The taste of chartreuse is stronger and less sweet. It also doesn’t have the same minty undertone as Strega. Yellow Chartreuse, on the whole, is a good choice.

Galliano is number two.

Galliano, an Italian liqueur with a similar gold tint, is another easily accessible liqueur. Galliano is sweeter than Strega, which may appeal to those who favor sweet cocktails. This alternative may be used in cocktails like the Screwdriver and the Harvey Wallbanger, or it can be consumed straight.


3. Genepy des Alps Dolin

Dolin Genepy des Alps, another herbal-focused brand, is pleasant and well-balanced. It’s seen as a happy medium between Chartreuse and Absinthe by many bartenders. Use it as a digestif or aperitif, or in cocktails like Dr. Columbo and Dutch Alps.

Beckerovka is number four.

Beckerovka is a Czech liqueur prepared from a variety of herbs and spices that are kept a secret. It differs from Strega in that it features cinnamon, ginger, menthol, and honey overtones. It is, nevertheless, adaptable enough to be used in most beverages that call for the original liqueur.

Find more more about Beckerovka replacements here.

5. The Benedictine Order

Benedictine is a pricey French brand that every mixologist should have in their liquor closet. Although it lacks the golden hue and mint taste of Strega, it may be used as a substitute in a pinch.

Here are several Benedictine alternatives to consider.

Jägermeister, no. 6

Jägermeister is a wonderful option if you like rich, herbaceous beverages with a lot of anise flavor. Although it differs from Strega in terms of taste, its bittersweet balance and breadth of flavors make it a great addition to our list.

For a similar look, look into Barenjager.


Fernet Branca, no. 7

Fernet Branca is a well-known Italian amaro with a sweet, bitter, and strong taste profile in a single swallow. Anyone hoping to make an authentic-looking Strega drink may be disappointed. FB is a dark brown tint that doesn’t go well with drinks like the Corpse Reviver No.0824.

Drambuie is the eighth whisky in the Drambuie family.

Drambuie is created from a blend of aromatics and has a golden tint similar to Strega. Scottish heather honey adds to the flavor. The main distinction between the two is that Drambuie is created using Scotch whisky as a foundation. For those who don’t like Strega and want something different but still in the ballpark, Drambuie is a nice substitute.

Questions that are often asked

What is the flavor of Strega?

Strega has a light-bodied bittersweet herbaceous taste. The liqueur is dominated by vanilla, juniper, mint, fennel, and anise, despite the fact that it incorporates a broad range of ingredients.

Strega Cream is a silkier, smoother version of the original drink with a lower 17 percent ABV; Strega Riserva is an aged type with a matured, deeper flavor.

I’m looking for a place to purchase Strega.

Strega might be difficult to come by if you reside outside of Europe. In the United States, well-stocked liquor shops will normally carry a variety of drinks, although smaller stores may not. The liqueur is widely accessible through internet vendors in the United States.

What is the best way to consume Strega?

Strega is a popular digestif in Italy, drank on the rocks after a meal. It’s also delicious when blended with lemonade or coffee. Strega goes nicely with dark spirits like Bourbon, Scotch, and Rum in cocktails.

Quick facts

  • S. A. Distilleria Liquore Strega produces Strega in Benevento, Italy. Carmine Vincenzo Alberti and Giuseppe Alberti created it in 1860. Source.
  • The liqueur is frequently utilized in cookery, with Torta Caprese being a prominent example.
  • Italian juniper, Samnite mint, Ceylon cinnamon, and Florentine iris are among the 70 plants and spices used in Strega.
  • To give the liquor its unique yellow hue, saffron is added.

To sum it up

Although Strega is a distinct liqueur, comparable drinks such as Yellow Chartreuse, Galliano, Dolin Genepy des Alps, Benedictine, or Jägermeister may be substituted. Each substitution will provide a comparable rich, herbaceous taste to drinks, as well as serve as a digestif.

Nothing, like most liqueurs, can perfectly replace Strega. If you’re creating cocktails for folks who know their booze (and don’t appreciate surprises), stick to the recipe or come up with something new.

The “strega liqueur review” is a drink that has been around for centuries. It’s origins are unknown, but it’s use in Italian cuisine has made it a staple ingredient in many recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of Strega liqueur?

A: These drinks are all suitable replacements for Strega liqueur.

What is the flavor of Strega?

A: The flavor of Strega is lemon.

What is similar to Genepy?

A: Genepy is a similar function to Word2Vec. The algorithm behind it was developed by scientists and engineers at Google Brain, notably Geoff Hinton.

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