16 Tasty Cocktail Party Appetizers

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Cocktail Party Appetizers

Cocktail Party Appetizers

Every cocktail needs appetizers to absorb the alcohol and please guests, but you can easily enhance your cocktail by serving creative and delicious appetizers that go well with cocktails.

We’ve all been to parties where food is an afterthought. It’s really a missed opportunity to spice up your party. Food plays a huge role in the success of a party, and it’s important to at least give a little thought to the combinations that will go with the cocktails you’ll be serving.

To give you some ideas for appetizers and snacks to serve with drinks, we’ve put together a little guide. These recipes were collected from our colleagues. You can see the full recipe by clicking on the link under each picture.

Black figs with gorgonzola

These dark chocolate and gorgonzola figurines, served as an appetizer or dessert, your guests will fall in love with them. The ingredients are simple, but they all go together so well. >> See the recipe.

The sweetness and caramelized notes of whiskey/rye go well with gorgonzola and dried fruit.

Goat cheese balls with honey

Easy to prepare and so delicious, goat cheese balls are the perfect appetizer to accompany a cocktail. The tangy, lemony flavor of goat cheese and the spicy, herbal flavor go well with gin. >> See the recipe

⚯ Pair these honey goat cheese balls with a fruity gin cocktail like this raspberry gin and tonic.

Marinated mozzarella balls

These mozzarella balls are perfect for cocktail hour. Cheese always goes well with cocktails, beer and wine, so you can’t go wrong. But mozzarella goes particularly well with strawberries and black pepper, or something smoky. It’s also an easy food to eat while drinking. See the recipe.

⚯ Pair these mozzarella balls with black pepper and strawberry vodka or a cocktail of smoked mezcal.

Mini bacon onion cake

The bacon and caramelized onions are wrapped in puff pastry for a delicious appetizer. They are perfect for a cocktail, as the sour citrus in the cocktail cuts the fat from the pastry and bacon. Your guests will love this combination. Check out the recipe.

⚯ These mini cakes go well with a mezcal or a sour and smoky mojito.

Pesto Crostini

The sliced baguette, topped with pesto, mozzarella and prosciutto, is an easy appetizer to accompany a cocktail. >> See recipe.

⚯ Margaritas do well with arugula or basil pesto, thanks to the spicy flavors that pair well with lime. Vodka with milk is also a good choice.

Puff pastry wheels with prosciutto

These puff pastry wheels are easy to make. Roll the prosciutto and grated Gruyere cheese in the puff pastry, slice and bake in the oven. Gruyere cheese has a sweet, nutty flavor and goes well with many beverages, especially red wine. >> See the recipe.

Swiss cheese goes well with whiskey. Pair this appetizer with a sour amaretto or bouillabaisse.

Wrapped in asparagus

These asparagus wrapped in prosciutto are an excellent finger food to accompany a cocktail. They are easy to prepare before the party so you can get more on your plate and they go well with a number of cocktails. >> See the recipe.

Asparagus and bacon go well with a Bloody Mary or Bloody Mary (which uses tequila instead of vodka). It also goes well with margaritas or smoked mezcal cocktails.

Mushroom tartlet with gruyere mushrooms

These cheese patties with Gruyère and mushrooms are easy to prepare and make an impressive party appetizer. The tangy umami notes go well with a variety of cocktails. >> See recipe.

The Sidecar is a perfect match for these mushroom tarts. The flavors of citrus and cognac harmonize perfectly with the mushrooms.

Pears hand packed with arugula

These little treats are deliciously sweet AND savory, which goes very well with any drink that uses a simple syrup or tonic and lime. They are also a great choice for the holidays as they are gluten free, dairy free, low carb and whole grain30. So there’s something for everyone. See the recipe.

Gin and tonic goes well with this appetizer, as does our Ginger Pear Martini.

Crostini with fig and bacon jam

These crostini are topped with creamy goat cheese, homemade bacon jam and fresh figs. They are perfect for a cocktail party. See the recipe.

Figs go well with everything from tangy fruit liqueur to spicy ginger. With bacon and goat cheese, and with this appetizer, Mezcal Sunset or Smoky Mezcal Sour will go with it.

Sweet and savory cheese sauce.

This Cream Cheese Dip Snack recipe is a total blast in just a few minutes (like…3 minutes exactly)! It disappears every time and everyone asks for the recipe! >> See the recipe

⚯ The salty taste of soft cheese, such as cream cheese, goes well with a mild, slightly sweet liqueur, such as rum mixed with fruit juice. Try pineapple rum slush or mango mojito.

Strawberry Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Glaze

You’ve probably never thought of pairing strawberries with cheese or balsamic before. It may sound strange, but strawberries go great with a rich balsamic glaze and fresh basil. >> See the recipe

⚯ Strawberries are a simple dish that goes well with cocktails. There are so many delicious summer cocktails that go perfectly with this appetizer. Also try Daiquiri and Smash Strawberry black pepper vodka.

Cucumber snacks

Cucumber appetizers with smoked salmon (gravlax) and black caviar are healthy entrees. These simple hors d’oeuvres or zakuski appetizers are perfect for your next party. These cucumber appetizers do not require cooking and are carbohydrate and gluten free. >> See recipe.

⚯ Smoked salmon and caviar combine to make a fun cocktail. The salty and smoky flavor goes well with any Champagne cocktail, such as the French 75 or the Kir Royale cocktail.

Bruschetta with roasted tomatoes and Burrata

This delicious bruschetta recipe with roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic and burrata is a decadent antipasto that will spice up your cocktail. >> See the recipe

⚯ The delicate and warm flavor of orange liqueur blends perfectly with the sweet taste of burrata. The champagne cocktail with tangerine goes perfectly with this aperitif.

Rockefeller’s recipe for oysters

This recipe for Rockefeller oysters is very old, it is said to have been invented by Antoine’s restaurant in New Orleans in 1840. They are so delicious and rich! Just like Rockefeller oysters! Check out the recipe.

The most classic association with oysters is champagne. The sparkling and crisp champagne goes perfectly with the sparkle of the oysters. It cuts through the richness and enhances the subtle flavors.

Avocado was eggs

These cute little quail eggs with avocado are perfect for cocktails. Everyone loves quail eggs, and they’re small enough to put in your mouth while you chatter. >> See the recipe.

⚯ Citrus fruits go perfectly with avocado and pair well with the richness of eggs. A mimosa or pink grapefruit martini will accompany this amusing appetizer.


Appetizers that go well with the cocktails you serve at your party are sure to cause a stir. Your guests will be delighted with the extra effort you put in.

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How many tickets do you need for a group of 15 people?

Rule of thumb for small parties: 3 types of appetizers suitable for 8-10 people; 4 or 5 types of appetizers for 14-16 people.

What kind of appetizers do you serve with the cocktails?

25 quick bites – delicious

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